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10 Simple House Organization Ideas

10 Simple House Organization Ideas
By Flow Wall
April 5, 2022

1. Keep it simple. 

People want to know how to organize a messy house and stay sane—our advice: don’t let clutter overwhelm you. Organize one room a week and consider making a checklist ahead of time. You’ll see progress and feel better as you go. 

2. Take everything out of refrigerators, pantries, cabinets, and drawers in your kitchen. 

This makes it easier to clean. Then look at expiration dates. Get rid of items that are now science experiments. Organize items so that you can quickly grab what you need for regular meals. Also, keep multiple items together, so you see what you have. This helps you keep accurate inventory before grocery shopping.  

Consider shelf liners before putting items back in the pantry, drawers, or cabinets. Everything stays cleaner, and you won’t need as many paint jobs in the future. 

3. Go through one bedroom dresser at a time. 

In your bedrooms, take everything out of each dresser drawer. Donate or recycle clothes not worn in a year or more. Some items can be ripped up and used as cleaning rags. 

Put similar clothes together—for example, one drawer for shirts and another for shorts. Underwear goes in one drawer while socks go in another. 

What’s on top of your dressers? Donate or throw away long ignored perfume, cologne, makeup, or books. Dirty clothes go into a hamper. Yoga mats and arm weights go on a shelf in the closet. 

4. Invest in storage units, small or large. 

Your children’s rooms and playrooms will look nicer if you put books on a bookshelf. Toys belong in toy boxes. Organize Jewelry in a jewelry box, drawer, or another organization system that might include hooks for necklaces.  

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5. Teach your children to clean up. 

Children learn responsibility by making their beds every morning. They don’t have to do a perfect job; it just helps them practice. 

Toys, board games, video consoles, and remote controls should all have a home. When you’ve decided which coffee table drawer or shelf can neatly hold these items, make sure the kids put them back when playtime is over. This makes ongoing organization easier. 

6. Clean everything out of the bathroom. 

Throw away items that have expired or are no longer being used. Put down shelf liners and keep similar things together. For example, washcloths and towels go on one shelf. Haircare items go on another shelf. Keep the countertops clear of everything except toothbrush holders and soap for washing hands. 

7. Put a garbage can in each room. 

Each kitchen should have a recycling bin and garbage can. In bedrooms and offices, cans can be small or even decorative. Keep one or two little waste tins in bathroom closets and commodes. 

8. Prioritize a filing system. 

Create a filing system for important documents. Set aside folders for legal documents, real estate papers, bills that have been paid, and accounts that are due. This can be in a separate office or wherever you do this work. 

9. Treat closets like small rooms. 

Take everything out and donate items in good shape that you simply don’t use anymore. Organize what you do use in a way that makes sense. Winter coats should all go in the same section of one closet. Same with arts and crafts, exercise equipment, board games, memory boxes, etc. 

In bedroom closets, keep shirts, pants, dresses, belts, purses, etc., together. Shoes go neatly on the floor or shoe racks. Purchase hooks for hats, ties, scarves, and other accessories. 

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10. Make some money. 

Don’t forget to organize your garage. Do you have extra items in good shape, but no longer use? Host a garage sale and earn extra money toward a vacation or something special.