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How to Organize the Most Cluttered Areas in Your Home

How to Organize the Most Cluttered Areas in Your Home
By Flow Wall
July 6, 2017

An organized home‚ we all like one, but the process of getting there often feels overwhelming. And for many people, feeling overwhelmed often leads to a kind of mental paralysis. It feels impossible to start when you don't know where to do it. Oftentimes, the best way to combat that feeling is just to take it a little at a time. Make a list of the areas you most want to improve, and start there. Here are some home organization tips for those spaces where clutter tends to collect the most.


When brainstorming mudroom ideas, it's important to consider what you want out of it. Is this space meant to be the primary entry/exit for your home, or is it purely utilitarian? Will it serve different purposes for different seasons, i.e., pool toys and towels during the summer, and boots and gloves for winter? Remember to think of the children! Kids are more likely to use a hook than they are to open a closet and use a hanger, so try to work with that instead of wishing it were different. Start with some panel organizers on the wall, and then install some low-hanging hooks that are easily within reach of little hands. Consider installing two rows of hooks for varying garment length. Another practical idea is to put benches under the hooks for sitting down to take off shoes or setting down a purse or briefcase. Tuck storage bins underneath to hold shoes separate bin for each child makes shoes easier to find and hectic mornings more efficient. And with a panel organizer on the wall, you could use hanging bins for more small-item storage. From a design perspective, if your mudroom is one that's more of a breezeway between your door and the rest of your house, try to include both indoor and outdoor elements in its decor. "Mudrooms are usually the transition between the interior and exterior, so choose materials, both functionally and visually, based on the overall design of the home and landscape," says architect Don Giambastiani.

Craft Room

If you're looking for craft room storage ideas, look no further than the ever-versatile wall panel organizer. With the variety of hanging accessories to choose from, all of your storage needs will be met. Use bins for small items you buy in packs, such as buttons, googly eyes, and pushpins. Use drawers for when it's useful to see all of your options at a glance and try laying out things in rows, like rolls of ribbon or fabric quarters. Of course, cabinets are unmatched in their ability to store things that you just want out of sight and don't know where to put them. Get some folder boxes that will stand your scrapbooking paper up vertically. Always organize your supplies by color when possible - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. It's a consistent method of organization that everyone can understand. Shelves are great for rows of jars and other storage containers. Lastly, to keep things looking crisp and intentional, install finishing strips along the edges of your panel organizers.

Other Organization

Flow Wall products don't stop at mudrooms and craft rooms. Their usefulness and versatility make them perfect for just about any space in need of a little decluttering‚ even a dance studio, as Kym Johnson-Herjavec found out. Flow Wall's practicality really just makes life easier.