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How to Organize a Hoarder’s Garage

How to Organize a Hoarder’s Garage
By Flow Wall
March 11, 2022

Sometimes saving looks like hoarding just because it’s unorganized. With a bit of time and energy (and some strategic purging), you can get the mess under control and work miracles with the installation of appealing and affordable organizational systems.

How Can I Declutter My Garage Quickly?

Quickly is a relative term. When it comes to answering the question of “how can I declutter my garage quickly,” it depends on the severity of the clutter and how much help you can get. A better question is, “can I easily declutter my garage?” The answer to that is, absolutely!

The easiest way to start is to clear your garage out completely. Don’t move items from side to side or from shelf to shelf—take them outside and empty the garage completely. Sort your belongings as you remove them. At this point, you may want to just divide it into two simple categories: it stays, or it goes. After that, you can sort into other categories like:

  • Hand tools

  • Power tools

  • Athletic gear

  • Seasonal items

  • Lawn care and snow removal

How Do I Organize My Hoarder Garage?

Once the garage is cleared of everything, start your reorganization by thoroughly cleaning every vertical and horizontal surface and commit to cleaning each item as it gets put away. Consider repairing items before you put them away, too. A little bit of extra effort now will save you time later.

As you put your things back into the garage, consider their use. Frequently-used items should be placed within arms’ reach without using a ladder. Lesser-used or seasonal items can go overhead or into closets or cabinets.

One of the greatest organizational tips for your garage, particularly if you tend to become disorganized, is to install a panel system. Grooved wall panels become the ideal anchor spot for storing all items, big or small, through the use of:

Wall panel systems can help make the most efficient use of your garage space, allowing you to store more stuff. Remember, hoarding is not about the number of things you have but how you organize it.

The right garage organization system can change everything

How Do You Get Rid of Things When You’re a Hoarder?

If you have a lot of stuff that just needs to get tossed, you may want to rent a dumpster. There are several very productive and even rather lucrative ways to get rid of items that are still in good shape. You can potentially:

  • Sell items through Craigslist, local buy/sell/trade groups, or a garage sale.

  • Donate them to local organizations.

  • Give them to friends and family who can make good use of them.

How Do You Deal With a Hoarder at Home?

This is where we need to be considerate and kind. There is a difference between hoarding things and having a hoarding disorder. A hoarding disorder is a clinically-recognized and diagnosed mental health condition. It’s not just a matter of being unorganized.

A person with a hoarding disorder will often feel physical and mental anguish at the thought of ridding themselves of items—even items that to most would seem like garbage.

When you’re trying to help declutter the garage and/or home of someone with a hoarding disorder, rule number one is “Do Not Judge.” Successful reorganization projects will also need to:

  • Develop a decluttering plan with the hoarder.

  • Ease into the process of decluttering.

  • Let the hoarder ultimately decide whether something stays or goes.

  • Give the hoarder time when they need it. Don’t push them.

You may want to consider bringing in a mental health professional. This level of hoarding goes beyond the accumulation of stuff, and tearing things away from them can open deep-felt wounds.

High quality cabinets can hold all kinds of things, keeping clutter to a minimum

Start Fresh with Flow Wall

Sometimes it’s not easy to figure out how to stop hoarding and get organized. The great news is that there is a light at the end of that newspaper tunnel. With the help of Flow Wall’s organizational systems, you can find a place for everything and put everything in its place. It’s never too late for a fresh start, and Flow Wall can help make that happen.