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Garage Sale Prep List: 6 Tips

Garage Sale Prep List: 6 Tips
By Flow Wall
August 30, 2021

And though you may have missed National Garage Sale Day on August 14, it’s never too early to prepare for next year. After all, anyone who has ever attempted to host a garage sale knows you can’t successfully pull one off on a whim.

If you want to avoid cracking under the pressure of all your neighbors asking to buy your old DVDs at a penny a pop, you’ll need to do some advanced planning.

Check out our garage sale prep list, and you’ll be more than ready to have the hottest garage sale on the block.

1. Get Organized

A successful garage sale is an organized garage sale. And if you have a lot of stuff to get rid of, it could easily take you weeks to prepare. So kick off your garage sale planning by figuring what to keep, toss out, and sell. Then decide how you’ll display the items you’re selling. (Think about placing the nicest, biggest items close to the curb and placing small toys and books in bins for easy corralling.)

Make sure to put tall items at the back, and shorter items at the front

2. Fix Up Your Belongings

Are you the proud owner of broken lamps, dusty picture frames, and flat-tired bikes? We won’t call you a hoarder, but we will suggest fixing up most of these items before presenting them to your garage sale customers. Wipe down your belongings, install new light bulbs, and make the quick fixes needed to get the sale. You’ll earn a few extra bucks and—most importantly—be more likely to get the items out of your garage for good.

It's time to get rid of that stash of picture frames that have been collecting dust for years

3. Recruit Friends and Neighbors

Multi-family or community yard sales usually bring in more foot traffic than a single-family garage sale, so if you really want a smooth operation, consider bringing in some additional recruits. Ask your neighbors to join the sale, or join up with friends. If you’re selling items with people who live outside of your neighborhood, be sure to host the sale at a house with ample parking and close to the main streets.

4. Advertise

Don’t underestimate the zeal of garage sale enthusiasts. Some of these people will be planning their Saturday route for days in advance, and you’ll have to compete to get on their list. Maximize foot traffic by posting about your garage sale online, including: Relevant Facebook groups Craigslist Online newspaper listings Community apps like NextDoor Don’t forget to lure in customers with pictures of your best items!

5. Direct the Crowds

Even if you’re banking on a viral Facebook post, it’s always best to opt for multiple forms of garage sale advertising. That means getting the word out with yard sale signs, too. Brightly colored signs will catch the attention of drivers and help direct traffic headed your way. Keep the signs simple, including a directional arrow, time frame, and address. And don’t be that guy—remember to take the signs down when the sale is over.

Your old college paperbacks may not be worth much money, but it will feel good to send them out into the world with other readers

6. Set Reasonable Prices

This is a garage sale, not a high-end antique show. Price your items low enough that they sell quickly but high enough that you make the garage sale worth your time. Not sure where the sweet spot is? Ask friends and family how much they’d be willing to pay for the item at a garage sale, then set a price within that range. Stick with 25-cent increments to avoid too much fumbling over change.

Breathe a sigh of relief now that you can see your garage again!

Get Organized with Flow Wall

Sure, garage sales require some effort, but these garage sale tips and ideas will help you pull yours off flawlessly. Getting rid of all those items will make you feel instantly calmer when you step into the garage. But if you’re still running short on garage space? Head to Flow Wall for garage organization products, including bins, wall panels, cabinets, and more.