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X Organizing Tips for Every House & Garage

X Organizing Tips for Every House & Garage
By Flow Wall
July 31, 2021

If you’re ready to end the arcade game that is your everyday cleaning approach, you’re in the right place. We’ve rounded up eight highly effective professional organizing tips to ensure your home gets organized and stays organized—for good.

(And no, $100 in arcade tokens is not required. These organizing tips are free.99!)

1. Use Clear, Stackable Containers

There’s nothing that can bring zen to your home like matching, clear, stackable containers. Trust us on this one! If you’ve been using a smorgasbord of cardboard boxes and bins...just stop. You’ll love being able to actually see what’s in that sea of tubs in your closet.

2. Sort Small Items in Glass Jars

Whether you’re in the kitchen or at your tool bench, you’re sure to have a bunch of small knick-knacks just begging for an organized place to call home. Enter: Mason jars. They’re the perfect garage organization tip for corralling: 

  • Nails

  • Staples

  • Drill bits

  • Paper clips

  • Jelly beans

  • Anything else you don’t want to step on

3. Label, Label, Label

We have you on board with the clear containers and jars. (Fist pump!) But there still may come a time when you’re not sure what’s in that clear bin three down and to the left. This is when it’s time to dust off that ol’ label maker your partner insisted on adding to the wedding registry. Give it a moment of glory and label, label, label!

4. Store Items in Vertical Storage Systems

Couldn’t we all use more space at home? Well, here’s a little magic trick for you: Start thinking vertically when it comes to home organization and bam! You’ll instantly be enjoying more storage space. Still stumped on where to begin? Start with the closet, that area over the kitchen cabinets, or the unused space under the bathroom sink.

Step up your storage game with storage up top

5. Take Advantage of Overhead Space

You’ve identified all those vertical storage opportunities. Like summiting Mount Kilimanjaro, you prepared, you summited, and you conquered. Now it’s time to take on overhead space in your garage. Install overhead storage shelving for those clunky paddleboards and breathe a sigh of relief.

6. Install Compartments in Drawers

Pull open that sock drawer and you’re almost guaranteed to find an unidentifiable mound of cotton fabric. Little did you know, that mess is adding subtle stress to your everyday routine. Trust us on this one. Once you compartmentalize those drawers, you’ll feel lighter than air. So go on and tackle the kitchen drawers! And the garage cabinets too!

The useful working surface is a perfect place to make plans and prepare projects

7. Designate a “Command Station”

Maybe you have a gaggle of kids at home, or maybe you’re flying solo. In any case, it’s smart to have a designated “command station” for all of life’s important tools and information. (Think: emergency phone numbers, calendar, medications, to-do list, keys, mail, and more.) Storing all of these items in one place will streamline your day and lead to less of those “Where’d I put my....?” or “When is that…?” questions.

8. Color Code Your Clothing

Color-coded clothing isn’t solely reserved for those Type-A CEOs of Silicon Valley. Nope—once you try it, you’ll be wondering what took you so long to get your life in order. Here’s how it works: Store like-items (shirts, pants, ties, etc.) arranged in rainbow order (you know, ROY G. BIV, followed by neutrals). Better yet, keep your out-of-season clothing stored away in a bin until you’re ready to wear it. You’ll get a real kick out of that sparse, streamlined rainbow of color in your closet!

Keep your bikes and skateboards organized with a handy range of fitness kits

Get Organized with Flow Wall

Now you have some of the best tips for organizing your home under your belt. Dive into your to-do list with the help of Flow Wall, where you can find: 

Our handy online visualizer makes it easy to maximize wall storage anywhere in your home or garage. So get that Spotify playlist going and kick off Operation: Home Organization ASAP!