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How To Organize Hobby Stuff: 6 Ways to Control the Clutter

How To Organize Hobby Stuff: 6 Ways to Control the Clutter
By Flow Wall
May 30, 2022

Plus, organizing can feel especially overwhelming if you have more than one hobby. How do you best sort your knitting supplies from your needlepoint materials? And what should you do about the crossover tools you use for more than one hobby?


Flow Wall is here to teach you all of that and more. Learn how to organize your hobby stuff like a boss.

1. Be Strategic 

Organize your organizing. Before you begin, create a to-do list for the dedicated hobby space you want to organize, and then form a plan. Whether you’re creating a craft room or converting your garage into an art studio, plan how you want your space to look. Give yourself ample time and remember, your space will look messier before it gets better. Trust the process. 

The key to organizing is to find a place for everything. Group similar items together and also group based on purpose. If you have multiple hobbies, keep supplies for those different hobbies completely separate. You don’t want your garden shears mixed in with a sander. 

Also, consider accessibility. You’re less likely to dive into your hobby if you have to sort through a huge tote in a closet to get started. Make your stuff easy to get to with craft organizer storage. 

2. Find Storage Solutions That Fit Your Home Decor 

If your space looks cool, you’re going to want to spend more time in it. There are several ways to make your hobby space fit with your home’s decor, including using storage that doubles as furniture. 

You can also invest in storage sets that match the color palette of your home design. There are many cute hobby tool organizers on the market, but if you’re on a budget, keep your storage simple, matching, and functional. 

3. Label, Label, Label

A label maker is your new best friend. Labeling your hobby storage cabinets, drawers, and bins will make everything easy to locate. This is especially important if you’re not using see-through organizers. 

4. Invest in Dividers

If your hobby involves lots of small pieces, dividers are the way to go. Put dividers into drawers and bins so that you can keep everything separated within its designated space. They come in a variety of sizes to fit your organizational needs. 

5. Digitalize What You Can

If any aspect of your hobby can be converted into digital form, do it. You should upload notes, photos, and documents to the cloud to reduce clutter and ensure important files aren’t lost.

6. Take Advantage of Wall Space 

Walls are frequently underused spaces. Consider adding shelving, hooks, small wall organizers, or a wall storage system to the space. Just be careful not to overdo it—if you take up all the wall space, your room will look cluttered again. 

Make Organizing Simple with Flow Wall

Creating a clean and decluttered space can be hard to pull off. Make the process easier by investing in a long-term storage set. Flow Wall has everything you need to organize your tools so you can focus on your hobbies instead. 

Shop our hobby storage sets and transform your space today!