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How to make your craft room fit in with your home's decor

How to make your craft room fit in with your home's decor
By Flow Wall
March 6, 2014

In recent years, crafting has become an extremely popular hobby. Websites like Pinterest support the interest by providing DIYers tons of inspiration. While there is no shortage on craft projects, this pastime can use up a lot of the square footage in your home. The solution is to install wall storage systems to house all your supplies in their proper place. This way your home's interior design will be the main focus, not your hobbies. Here's how to make your craft room (or space) fit in with your home decor:


Wall cabinets provide the ultimate storage solution. They are available in white, gray, espresso and maple to match with the rest of your decor. The cabinets are installed on a panel system, which gives you a modular setup that allows you to to change the look of your space as your needs evolve. Additionally, you can choose between wall and base cabinets and full-length versions. Once you have your ideal cabinet arrangement you can decide what to put inside each one. Use a range of decorative bins to store all of your craft goods like paper, ribbons, glue, scissors and markers.


If you prefer that your space have an open feel, opt for wall mount shelves or decor cubes. You can store craft resource materials like books and magazines on any of these surfaces. Make sure you add a bit of your style to the spaces as well. For instance, place framed family photos and trinkets on the shelves along with your books.


If you need to store larger items like reams of fabric or paper, pick up a few decor bins. Place them in a corner on the floor, put the materials inside and stack them up against the wall. These bins can also be placed on your shelving units or in a craft closet.

Inspiration board

Crafters love building inspiration boards. However, the versions of these corkboards made for office settings can be an eyesore. Opt for a corkboard with a decorative frame instead. This way your inspiration or mood board will become a seamless part of your room's design.


Paint your craft room an inviting color that pairs well with the rest of your home. For example, if you have chosen cool shades like blue or green in other rooms, select a hue in the same color family for your craft room.