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Garage Conversion Ideas: 50+ Ways to Use Your Space

Garage Conversion Ideas: 50+ Ways to Use Your Space
By Flow Wall
February 21, 2022

We’ll get to all the questions soon (well, most of them), but if you want to get straight to our 50+ awesome garage makeover ideas, here’s the list:


  1. Animal Sanctuary: If you want to wash and board your non-human family members or furry foster pets, you’ll love having a dedicated, well-ventilated space to do it.

  2. Arcade: Think of the possibilities! Pinball? Check. Foosball? Check. Ms. Pac-Man? Check.

  3. Art Studio: You don’t have to be a professional to enjoy having somewhere to give your artistic abilities some practice without worrying about spilled milk…er, paint.

  4. Band Room: Give your musicians a soundproof place to jam! They’ll thank you (and you’ll thank yourself). 

  5. Bar and Pool Hall: Turn your garage into a local watering hole for you and your friends. If you build it, they will most certainly come on in.

  6. Bedroom: Are your kids constantly fighting in their shared, small room? Do you have a cousin coming to stay? Is another baby on the way? Garage to the rescue!

  7. Boxing Ring: Betting on a boxing gym can pay off big time. Adrian!

  8. Car Showroom: If you’re lucky enough to have an automobile or two that are show-off material, this could be just the idea for you.

  9. Children’s Playroom: Having a dedicated spot for alllllll your kids’ playthings won’t only clear your house space but your mental space as well.

  10. Cold Storage: Line up a few refrigerators, freezers, and shelves, and you’ve got yourself your own in-house grocery store, so buy in bulk at will.

  11. Conservatory: However you want to define conservatory (music, theatre, plants), this can be an ideal space to sit, relax, and take it all in.

  12. Craft Studio: Are your hall closets bursting with paper, markers, glitter, fabric, and dozens of other supplies? We guarantee your family members will approve of your setting aside a separate space for this stuff.

  13. Dance Studio: Throw down a proper floor and hang a wall of mirrors, and you’ve got yourself the perfect place to plié.

  14. Daycare or Preschool: Start your own neighborhood business (and make a lot of money) with a properly zoned room to take care of kids and their needs.

  15. Emergency Prep Zone: Perhaps you want somewhere to store your generator, bug-out bags, long-range handheld radios, respirators, water barrels, emergency food supply, and extra toilet paper. Everything will finally have its own organized place, so you’ll have no need to worry.

  16. Event Space: If your garage is spacious and on a big lot, consider making it into a gathering place for wedding receptions, business meetings, family reunions, and such. It could be a great side gig!

  17. Family Room: Maybe your current home is a bit tight for the entire family to spend time together in, but that’s where a living space extension can really shine.

  18. Gaming Cave: This upgrade could level up your cool factor exponentially for those of you who love computer gaming and gaming consoles (or have kids that do).

  19. Golf Driving Range: When you love golf, but the Great Outdoors gets bogged down with wind, rain, and snow, you now know what to do. Install a net and even a simulator, and you’ll never miss a hole come summer.

  20. Guest House: Wait, Uncle Ted is coming for an unspecified amount of time? Or, your old roommate Shilene needs a place to crash for a few weeks between moves? There’s no need to fear—personal space is here!

  21. Gym and Weight Room: Don’t let your dad bod get the best of you. Face it head-on without having to deal with early morning drives and annoying gym divas.

  22. Hair Salon: Earn some extra money while staying at home by setting up an inviting salon where you cater to your neighborhood hair needs.

  23. Home Brewery: Go ahead and jump in on the trend—you’ve got just the place for it. Garage IPA, anyone?

  24. Homeschool Room: As much as you love having your kitchen table and counters covered in textbooks and laptops, perhaps your students would love a dedicated classroom instead.

  25. Hookah Den: This isn’t for everyone, but is it for you? Think of the vibes…

  26. Indoor/Outdoor Dining: Sometimes, all you need is a little fresh air, and dining al fresco is a great way to get it. This is especially true these days when you’re ready to gather again but need a little extra social distancing to do so safely.

  27. Laundry Room: You don’t necessarily need to convert an entire garage for this, but borrowing a corner can really solve some of the headaches that come with constantly cleaning clothes.

  28. Man Cave: Head out to your own place where you never have to tread lightly. Just…at least install an air freshener for when the fairer sex visits, okay?

  29. Mechanic Shop: Whether you work on bicycles, motorcycles, or cars, you’ll love having the room to spread out, take things apart, and fix it all up again.

  30. Model Display Room: If you already have an impressive array of models—wooden ships, ceramic pottery, LEGO architecture, whatever—display your art with pride.

  31. Mother-in-Law Suite: Multi-gen homes are all the rage and come with quite a few benefits, so don’t dismiss this idea right off the bat. Anyway, it’s better than putting her in the bedroom next to yours, right?

  32. Mudroom: Sure, most homes these days have a mudroom. But some homes really need a mudroom, like if you’re a modern-day homesteader.

  33. Ninja or Gymnastic Gym: You’ll be the most popular family on the block if you have the finest jungle gym around. You could even teach classes and earn a buck or two.

  34. Office: Quiet space is at a premium—you may have no choice but to convert your garage into a place where you can focus on your work. Your clients and Zoom call attendees will be ever so grateful you did.

  35. Photography Studio and/or Darkroom: Are you an artistic photographer or social media influencer? Either way, you could probably use a studio setup that doesn’t require you to put up/take down all the equipment every time you have some shots to take.

  36. Plant Nursery: What could be more lovely than having somewhere sweet to nurture your little seedlings until they grow into full-grown foliage? Plant parents unite!

  37. Pool House: If your garage sits near your pool or hot tub, it’d be too convenient to have a bathroom, shower, and snack bar right there.

  38. Private Loft: You may not be able to completely convert your garage into something other than a car park, but that doesn’t mean you can’t utilize its height to make a second-story loft. The possibilities are endless up there!


  1. Recording Studio: Musicians and podcasters alike require a specially outfitted room to make quality recordings, a must in these industries. Your converted garage could be just what you need.

  2. She Shed: Escape the madness and do whatever the **** you want to do in here, even if it’s nothing more than take a nap.

  3. Spa: Ahhhh, blissful peace. Aromatherapy, candles, and a massage table are all you need. No pricey membership required. Target my shoulders, Hans. Lots of tension today.

  4. Sports Equipment Storage Room: Chances are, your garage is already pushed to its limits with balls, bikes, bags, and boards. You may as well get it all under control, so you don’t lose your groove every time you walk through.

  5. Stable: This may sound like a bit of a stretch, but it can be done. Now all you need is a horse looking for a place to live!

  6. Tackle Room: Fishing, anyone? Forget about lost and broken gear when you turn a wall into a customized angler’s dream.

  7. Taxidermy Room: Perhaps your housemates don’t love the idea of having animal trophies on their walls, but they can’t complain when you have a room just for your prized possessions.

  8. Teen Rec Zone: Give your teens and their friends somewhere to blow off a bit of steam on the weekends.

  9. Theater Room: The envy of many a homeowner—just think, you too could have a cinema with all the fixings: sound equipment, recliners, soda fountain, and $10 buckets of popcorn.


  10. Vacation Rental: Here’s where you can make some real dough. Short-term rental properties are in huge demand, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to get your piece of the pie.

  11. Walk-In Closet: Fashionistas and influencers would love a glamified walk-in for all their wardrobe pieces and accessories, plus backdrops for social-media-worthy shots.

  12. Warehouse: Maybe you already own a business and need more storage space for your inventory, kitting, and shipping. Maybe your own garage is the answer to that need.

  13. Wine Cellar: Your home may not come with a cellar, but converting a portion of your garage into a climate-controlled wine closet will cost a whole lot less than digging down into the ground.  

  14. Woodworking Shop: Keep sawdust and fumes at bay with a shop that features proper ventilation.

  15. Yoga and Meditation Space: Ommmmm…close your eyes and visualize your dream garage….

Is Converting a Garage a Good Idea?

Remodeling a garage costs between $6,000 and $22,000, with DIY garage makeover ideas hitting the lower end of the cost spectrum compared to full-on professional garage conversion ideas.


This is a lot of money, but keep in mind that overhauling your garage can give you a huge ROI—up to 80%, depending on where you live and what type of space the garage is converted into. 


But (and this is a big but) parking space is always at a premium. If you take a covered parking space away, you better have somewhere else to park. Otherwise, you’ll be taking value away from your home.

Can You Convert a Garage Yourself?

Yes, you can convert a garage yourself. However, to get any good return on your investment, there are some important things to keep in mind before you start drilling up drywall and slapping on paint:


  • Do your research. What sort of garage conversion plans are most desired in your community? Do extra bedrooms sell? Or do people value a place to park their car and store their stuff more than additional living space? If you’re considering turning your garage into a niche space, keep in mind that it probably won’t raise your resale value. In fact, it may decrease it. But if you plan to stay in your home long term and don’t care much about resale value, then go for it!

  • Get your permits. Don’t even think about converting your garage into a different space without first checking with your city for zoning regulations and permitting requirements. But if you’re simply adding storage and finishing the floor, you don’t need to worry about this.

  • Quality is everything. If you spend only $500 on a garage makeover idea, that’s great. Any level of improvement will make you feel better in your home. If you want real value, though, make sure everything you do is quality work. You’ll never regret a job well done.

What Are Some Organizational Options?

There are so many garage organization tips and storage options that it’s hard to list them all here. From wall hooks, bins, and shelves to cupboards, drawers, and entire Flow Wall systems, we’ve got it all. 

Check out your options and get started with one of these garage transformation ideas!