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8 Tips & Tricks for Turning the Garage into a Home Office

8 Tips & Tricks for Turning the Garage into a Home Office
By Flow Wall
April 22, 2021

Fortunately, even if you don’t have a home office, you can get all the same perks by converting your garage into your new HQ. Whoa whoa whoa….you may be thinking. My garage is filled with bikes, 6-year-old canned tuna, and props from my college production of Godspell. I’m never going to get anything done out there.

Though your garage may be filled with mysterious belongings from a bygone era right now, you can easily transform the space into a great place to hunker down and bring home the bacon. Just follow these tips to turn your garage into a home office.

1. Clean, Baby, Clean

Don’t worry—if your garage is currently a scary place to be, you’re not alone. But decluttering and cleaning the space will be the first step to transforming your garage office space. Start by taking everything out of the garage—yes, everything. Then recycle or donate the things you’re ready to part with, and reorganize the items that need to stay.

A stylish ceiling fan can add ventilation while also adding an appealing design element

2. Make It Comfortable

Now that you can actually envision getting work done in the space, it’s time to turn the garage into an office that’s a little more comfortable. Consider the seasons and what the garage climate will be throughout the year. If you live in a place with extreme heat or cold, you’ll want to upgrade to an insulated garage door. You can also add standing fans, space heaters, or even install air conditioning.

3. Give It a Fresh Coat of Paint

Nobody gets inspired staring at drab, concrete walls, which is why one of the best garage home office ideas we can offer is to give the space a fresh coat of paint. Give the whole garage a dose of bright white for a clean backdrop, or choose a fun color that motivates you to get things done. Or you can channel your inner artist and create a mural.

4. Furnish the Garage

No garage-to-home-office conversion is complete without the right furniture. While you may be tempted to go the cheap route (second-hand furniture or borrowed pieces), remember that you’ll be spending a lot of time out there, and you’ll be more productive if you have a great furniture setup. Make sure you have a comfortable office chair, functional desk, and plenty of storage space.

Choosing the right lighting fixture can set the tone for your office space

5. Light It Up

If your garage is like most, it’s probably not the place you go to take Instagram selfies or complete your everyday hair care routine. In short, the lighting probably leaves a lot to be desired. But now that you’re working in the garage, it’s time to change all that. Add overhead lighting, task lamps, floor lamps, or even install a window or two if you’re someone who can’t live without natural light. (Hands raised!)


6. Maximize Your Space

Tiny garage woes got you down? Embrace our small garage office design ideas by using desk organizers, cabinets, and wall shelves to maximize the space. Choose a simple layout, keep clutter to a minimum, and create a cohesive color scheme to make a small garage footprint feel spacious. If you really want to open things up, you can add mirrors to make the room feel even bigger.

7. Set Up Your Gear

With all of your furniture in place, it’s time to situate your gear: your computer, phone, printer, and any other essentials you need to get through the workday. And because we’re assuming you can’t get through even a day without great internet access, make sure you’ve got a reliable, speedy connection in your garage. (Pro tip: Set up a wifi extender to boost a poor internet connection.)


8. Personalize the Space

Bravo! Give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve worked hard to transform your garage into a pleasant space. But something is still missing—your own personal touch. Now’s your chance to really make the garage, well, un-garagey. Bring on the family photos, the custom artwork, the plant babies, and the accessories that show off your personal flair.

Get Organized with Flow Wall

By getting rid of clutter, whipping up a fresh coat of paint, and personalizing the space, your garage will suddenly feel more “downtown shared workspace” and less “I’ll do anything to get away from my loud family.”

If you’re looking for the perfect storage solutions for your garage home office, head to Flow Wall. From cabinets to wall panels and shelving, we have everything you need to make your garage office ideas come to life.