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Office Room Design: Best Tips For Setting Up Your Home Office

Office Room Design: Best Tips For Setting Up Your Home Office
By Flow Wall
March 1, 2018

As home offices become more common, more and more people are becoming aware of a simple fact: setting up a good home office layout is difficult. When one starts working from home something else also becomes readily apparent, the right setup can have a big impact on productivity. Different configurations of storage options will be better for different people depending on preferences, work habits, and type of work, but there are a few best practices that can help you get on the right track.

Pay Attention To The Ergonomics

The position you are in while you work for multiple hours per day has the potential to put enormous strain on your body. Before you get started, there is one big question you are going to have to answer for yourself: Are you going to have a sitting or standing desk? Standing desks are becoming increasingly popular. Having said that, many people start out a little too ambitious and find that standing for eight hours a day is more difficult than they thought. A good compromise is a sit-stand desk that can raise and lower to alternate between the two. Motorized desks raise and lower themselves, but can cost a few extra bucks. Crank desk requires a little bit of manual effort but can be a good less-expensive starting point for those who aren't sure how much they'll actually be standing. When building your home office, you may need to try out different arrangements to find what works best for you. With a customizable wall panel system, you can configure all the wall storage cabinets, open storage shelves, and drawers of your home office to complement your workflow. Something else to consider when you're working out your ergonomics is your monitor. Your monitor should be at eye-level so that you are looking straight ahead (rather than down). This often requires needing a monitor stand, a keyboard tray, or both. Getting this right set up takes a little experimentation but your back will thank you in the long run. Speaking of back health, a good desk chair is almost always worth the investment. Remember, the ergonomics of your workspace can seriously affect your health. It's best to not find this out the hard way.


An often overlooked component of office room design is storage. A cluttered or messy workspace can severely inhibit your ability to focus. Additionally, the right storage systems are home office necessities and can make it easier to access the right tools and resources quickly and increase efficiency. It can be difficult to make room for storage, especially if you have a smaller office space. The best office designs are ones that incorporate plenty of storage near at hand. One option for keeping things stored nearby while also preserving as much space as possible is utilizing wall storage solutions. There are a number of great wall storage ideas to choose from. The right solution can help you preserve as much open desk space as possible, which is nice if you tend towards a cluttered desk.


The last thing to consider when crafting the best office setup is location. The ideal space is somewhere that is out of the way enough to allow you to focus undistracted, but close enough to others to allow for some human contact every now and then. The right home office will not only be comfortable, it can actually be attractive and inviting. Once you get your home office inspiration, ergonomics, storage, and location optimized, you will be well on your way to achieving maximum efficiency.