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Mechanic Tool Storage Ideas to Elevate Your Space

Mechanic Tool Storage Ideas to Elevate Your Space
By Flow Wall
May 30, 2022

This is particularly true for auto mechanics. Whether you’re a weekend wrencher or running a full-time shop, automotive organization systems can make your job easier and more productive.

Benefits of Proper Mechanic Tool Storage

An organization system is only as good as the person using it, but when maintained, a proper mechanic tool storage system can provide many benefits. When you have a place for everything, and everything is in its place, your auto servicing time can be:

  • More efficient

  • More profitable

  • Safe from hazards

  • Less stressful

How To Organize Your Tools

Any garage or man cave can benefit from mechanical tool storage—whether you're looking to organize the tools you use for your hobbies or the supplies you need for your business. 

You can organize in five easy steps.

Step 1: Clean the garage and take a tool and parts inventory in order to determine your storage needs.

Step 2: Decide on the number of wall panels needed.

Step 3: Choose your storage cabinets.

Step 4: Select shelving.

Step 5: Add bins and hooks.

When designing your mechanic tool storage, remember to consider all surfaces, both vertical and horizontal. Build up the wall to use as much available space as possible, while also keeping accessibility in mind.

Mechanic Tool Storage Ideas: The Necessities 

A common mistake mechanics make when first trying to get organized is to overestimate the number of storage containers they’ll need. Having too many storage bins can actually add to the clutter instead of reducing it. 

Take a minimalist approach in the beginning and invest in:

  • Rolling tool cart

  • Jack stand holder

  • Workbench

  • Shelving units

  • Small parts organizer

  • Creeper

You may also consider purchasing a magnetic glove box holder and grease gun holster as well. 

Organization for Screws and Nails  [And More Tiny Things]

The key to solid organization for screws and nails is creativity. You don’t have to purchase expensive or fancy containers, as many common household items could serve as screw and nail storage, such as recycled plastic gum containers, flower pots, and old pill bottles. You can even convert an unused spice rack into a nifty small-parts storage rack. 

If your focus is auto mechanics, you probably do not have much of a need for organization for screws and nails, but for nuts and bolts? One coffee can for nuts and another for bolts will not cut it. You need a lot of separate storage for acorn nuts, square nuts, wing nuts, weld nuts, U-bolts, hub bolts, wheel bolts, and frame bolts.

And don’t forget the washers, gaskets, O-rings, and so many more tiny parts that you always need.

Storage bins arranged on a wall panel are ideal for easy access and can be conveniently rearranged as needed.

Parts Storage

As a mechanic, you need room to safely and conveniently store parts. Some of the most commonly used are filters, wiper blades, lights, and spark plugs. You may want to include a storage area for small parts like fuel and water pumps, and a cabinet unit specifically for refurbished items. 

Stay Organized with Flow Wall

You’ll want to save that elbow grease for working, not hunting for missing tools and parts. A mechanical tool storage system or garage storage system from Flow Wall keeps your prized tools and projects—as well as your garage itself—clean and safe.