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How to Organize a Storage Room At Home

How to Organize a Storage Room At Home
By Flow Wall
June 27, 2022

Au contraire! With a little reorganization, some decluttering, and a high quality organization system of shelves, cabinets, hooks, and more, you can solve the problem of how to organize a storage room at home.

The Benefits of a Dedicated Home Storage Room

Set aside a little time now for your storage room reorganization project, and you will save yourself a ton of time later. No more wandering from room to room trying to figure out where you stored the Halloween decorations last year. No shuffling of bins as you try to find the crafting items your child needs for a school project.


Your storage room and organization system will free up space in other rooms of your home and can be your “one stop shop” for the things you need, but don’t necessarily use all the time.

6 Tips on How to Be More Organized at Home

Are you feeling overwhelmed by clutter? It’s okay. Take a deep breath, and use these handy tips to guide you through how to organize a storage room at home:

Tip #1 - Sort Through All Current Storage

Not only is this a great opportunity to purge clutter from your home, and you can also sort the items you want to keep. This will help you determine how much storage room you need and what type of system you will design. You can start with four simple piles:


Tip #2 - Organize Your Keep Pile

Without analyzing too much, simply look at your items and divide them into categories. Examples of a few useful groupings include:


  • Holiday decorations

  • Crafting supplies

  • Crafting tools

  • Memorabilia

  • Linens

  • Office supplies

Tip #3 - Measure Your Space

You want to take advantage of as much space as possible, both horizontally and vertically. So take time to measure and remeasure your storage room before using it effectively.

Tip #4 - Design Your Storage System

Keeping it smart and sensible is two key elements to creating your ideal organizational system. Tailor the design to what works for you. A person creating jewelry will have more of a need for small smart storage, whereas someone who stores camping gear away will lean toward shelves and bins.

Tip #5 - Use Flow Wall®  Design Planning

This is probably the best tip of all and will make your storage room design a breeze. The free planning tool will take you step-by-step as you choose:


  • Number of walls to organize

  • Organizational items to use

    • Cabinets

    • Hooks

    • Shelves

  • Items you will store

    • Boxes

    • Bins

    • Sporting Equipment

    • Camp Gear

Tip #6 - Label, Label, Label

You might be able to remember that the Christmas stuff is in the green bin and the Halloween stuff is in the orange bin, but everything else needs a label. Create easy-to-read labels, as large as possible. Computer-printed ones create a more finished look in your storage room, while handwritten ones feel warmer and homey. 

Added Decor

If you want your storage room to be eye-appeal, add special touches like blending wicker baskets with glass jars. Sort stored items by size or color—you can turn your storage room into a rainbow. Make sure it makes sense and works efficiently for you.

Get Organized with Flow Wall®

Are you ready to declutter and get organized? Start with this ultimate checklist for decluttering your home. Flow Wall® has everything you need. When you’re done creating your home storage room, revamp your pantry, closets, storage sheds, and garage space.


You will be amazed at the sense of calm when there is a place for everything, and everything is in its place.