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How to Design a Garage You Love

How to Design a Garage You Love
By Flow Wall
February 28, 2022

After all, who would you rather be? That homeowner with a garage haphazardly packed to the ceiling with junk? Or that enviable dude down the street with cool man cave space?


Yeah, no need to answer that. We know how you feel, which is why we’ve come up with eight killer tips on how to design a garage you love.

1. Design a Space to Suit Your Interests

Clearly, the first step to designing an amazing garage is making it one that suits your needs and interests. If you’re a music guy, make the garage your recording studio. If you’re a tinkerer, make that garage as tinker-friendly as possible. And if you’re that guy with every piece of camping gear under the sun, well, you know what to do. Even if you have a two-car garage, it’s totally possible to carve out space for doing what you love. It just takes some clever, space-saving design plans.

2. Save Space with Wall Storage

Rule Zero of residential garage design is to maximize space by utilizing wall storage. Shelves, cabinets, wall panels—any route you want to take is going to do wonders for your garage functionality. Use your wall to store even those items that have unique storage needs, like bikes, balls, and fishing rods. All it takes is the right storage system to get everything in ship shape.

3. Designate a Place for Everything

We’re not going to go all Marie Kondo on you, but your garage design will really achieve the next level of comfort and functionality if you designate a place for everything. And we do mean everything. That cute mini tape measure and the Crocs you wear to take out the garage are no exception. 

Better yet, get out the label maker so the whole household knows where to return belongings when they sneak off with them without your permission. (We’re looking at you, 10-year-old on a mission to build your own bike jump.)

4. Maximize Overhead Storage

We’re already mentioned the importance of capitalizing on wall storage space, but we can’t go without discussing overhead garage storage space, too. Your ceiling offers tons of untapped space that’s ideal for storing everything from canoes, kayaks, and surfboards to your holiday decor. Use a ladder or pulley system to easily access your storage items whenever you need them. The effort will be well worth it for all the space you’ll save year round. 

5. Add Upgrades for Comfort

Here’s what really separates a good garage design from an exceptional garage design. A few key upgrades will take your garage from feeling like a box of drywall and cement to a homey place you love to hang out. We’re talking epoxy flooring, freshly painted walls, additional light fixtures, AC, and heating. But don’t stop there—we say, if it’s in the budget, keep dreaming!

6. Prepare for the Elements

While you’re dreaming big, don’t forget to add in a dose of practicality. Every great garage should be designed to stand up to the elements, whether you live in the desert, mountains, or somewhere in between. Add insulation, weather stripping around the windows and doors, and an organized station for storing winter gear. Because we don’t know anybody who wants to be stumbling around searching for a snow shovel on those frigid, dark winter mornings.

7. Don’t Forget the Mudroom

Once you’ve experienced the delight and convenience of a mudroom, it’s one of those home upgrades you never want to live without. Muddy shoes? No problem. Dirty dog paws? We can handle that! A mudroom with a heavy-duty sink is all you need to face any mess in any season. So if your home didn’t come with a mudroom, you may want to think about adding one into your garage design.

8. Consider a Drive-Through Garage

A drive-through garage is one of those genius inventions every guy wants in on. Sure, you might not need to pull your car into the backyard. But there’s no better way to create an inviting garage design than having a second retractable garage door. Open both sides to let the sunshine in on a summer’s day, and you’ll be motivated to tackle every project on the honey-do list.

Build Your Dream Garage with Flow Wall

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