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Garage Overhead Storage [What to Know]

Garage Overhead Storage [What to Know]
By Flow Wall
July 31, 2021

And building an RV garage with a shop is certainly one of the best ways to do just that.

Check out our RV garage ideas to see how to maximize storage, enhance your space, and make the RV life more convenient than ever before.

Get organized with a vertical organization system with lots of overhead storage

1. Go Big or Go Home

We’re willing to bet that the RV garage plan you’re considering is probably too small. Yup, we said it. RV garages almost always need to be bigger than you originally envisioned. The modern RV garage is about 20 x 70 feet minimum, with a 14-foot door—especially if you need to accommodate a Class A motorhome or fifth-wheel camper. No matter what type of RV you have, you’ll always be glad to have added storage space.

2. Insulation and Heating

You’re building a garage to protect your RV from the elements, but you’ll be spending a fair amount of time out there, too. So don’t forget to add features to make the space comfortable even in the colder months. Heck, with insulation and heating, you could even turn your RV garage into the ultimate man cave or detached apartment.

Make sure there's enough space for everyone's interests with hooks for bikes, sports items, and more

3. Make It Friendly for All Ages

We get it—no one wants to think about getting old. But we’ll all get there someday, and if there’s anything we want to do in retirement, it’s travel the country in the good ol’ RV. As you plan your RV garage, be sure to make it convenient for aging (think: minimal steps, open walkways, etc.). Even if you aren’t using the garage into your old age, your future home buyer might be.

4. Add a Loft

An RV garage with a loft is really the ultimate dream, right? The loft will give you space to take breaks from working on the RV, hang out with fellow RV enthusiasts, chill out for a while away from the house...who are we to say what you do up there? The possibilities are endless. The loft will also give you extra storage for all of your RV travel essentials and workshop tools. No RV owner should live without it!

5. Install Built-In Door Stops

Sometimes it’s the simplest features that make life a million times easier. You’re going to be opening and closing those doors a lot. So if you don’t have a typical roll-up garage door, make sure to install built-in door stops. 

6. Connect to Your Home HVAC

Live in a warm or humid climate? If so, heating might not be such a concern for your RV garage. On the flip side, you’ll definitely want to connect your garage to your home HVAC. (Unless you want to be sweating bullets every time you’re out there.)

7. Don’t Forget to Include Hookups

It may go without saying, but hey—we’re leaving no stone left unturned. Every great RV garage needs full hookups to increase the comfort of hanging out in your RV, even if you never leave home. Add electricity and water hookups to your garage for those times you have guests sleeping in the RV (or you just need to get away from the missus).

8. Customize Your Storage

Ready to amp up a basic detached RV garage? Adding customized storage solutions will allow you to easily access RV tools and accessories. Deck out your garage with wall paneling, cabinets, bins, and hooks so you always have what you need right on hand.


Build Your Dream RV Garage Today

You now have a slew of the best RV garage ideas—so go out there and make it happen! Flow Wall is here to help you with all the customized storage solutions you need. Create a totally unique wall panel with all the bins and hooks to fit your RV design. Find cabinets, shelves, accessories, and more by shopping at Flow Wall today.