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How Much Does It Cost to Organize a Garage?

How Much Does It Cost to Organize a Garage?
By Flow Wall
February 28, 2022

But there’s only one little problem: You have no idea how much this big project will actually cost you. And if your finance teacher taught you anything, it’s that budgeting is the key to happiness (or something like that).

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So, how much does it cost to organize a garage? What do you need to buy? And can you find it? Is garage organization really worth it, anyway? We’ll tackle each of these important questions in our ultimate guide to garage organization costs.

How Much Do Garage Cabinets Cost?

Let’s cut to the chase: the cost of garage cabinets ranges from $50 on the low end to $10,000 on the high end. Yeah—that’s a big spread, right? So why the disparity? 

Well, if you’re going the cheap route, you could look for second-hand cabinets or a quick DIY project to get you through. Otherwise, consider investing the average cost of $2,500 in some mid-range cabinets for the average 2-car garage. And if you want to go all out, those deluxe, $10,000 cabinets are calling your name.

Pre-made cabinets are generally much cheaper than custom cabinets, which cost an average of $500 to $7,500 for materials alone.

How Much Do Garage Hooks Cost?

If you’re still getting over the sticker shock, don’t worry. We’ll go easy on you with this one. The deluxe garage hooks are nowhere near the price range of a deluxe cabinet, coming in at an average of $1 to $15.

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How Much Do Garage Shelves Cost?

Garage shelves fall between cabinets and hooks in the pricing spectrum. They’re a great option to avoid the high cost of custom cabinetry and are more expensive than panels or a simple hook system. Simply put, they’re that reliable, middle-of-the-road option you can count on. Plan to spend $50 to $1,000 on garage shelving, depending on the size of the project.

So, How Much Will Garage Organization Cost Me?

Of course, the actual cost of garage organization depends on many factors, like the square footage of your garage, the amount of stuff you want to organize, and the quality of the cabinets, shelves, bins, etc. But to give you a rough estimate, know that the national average for garage organization runs around $1,400.

Not everybody can spring for those custom cabinets that conceal everything nicely behind a pretty door. And hey! That’s okay. There’s nothing a good hook or wall panel can’t organize!

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Other Garage Organization Costs to Consider

Before you start ordering up all those organizational systems, keep in mind: there might be other sneaky, unexpected costs lurking in the shadows. If you’re not planning to assemble and install your garage cabinets or shelves on your own, you’ll have to pay for labor.

And if you’re getting really glam? You might also need to pay for electrical wiring of lights and additional electrical sockets that make your garage more functional.

What You’ll Need to Organize Your Garage

Determining what you need to organize your garage is the first step to setting a project budget. Not everyone has a fly fishing rod collection, a year’s food storage supply, or an excessive amount of holiday decorations. 

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We have some ideas on what to buy for your garage organization project (based on what you’re trying to organize).

  • Large clear tubs: Best for out-of-season clothing, camping gear, sports equipment, and more 

  • Opaque storage tubs: A good choice for holiday decor, documents, and other items that should avoid sun exposure

  • Hooks and bins: Great for tools, hobby supplies, and cleaning supplies

  • Wall shelves: Best for shoes, camping gear, food storage, and other items that should be kept off of the floor

  • Garage cabinets: The ideal choice for concealing sports gear, yard equipment, workout gear, etc.

  • Overhead storage systems: Excellent for large items like canoes, skis, and camping gear

  • Wall panels: Best for tools, brooms, shovels, bikes, etc.

The Flow Wall Solution

So, is garage organization worth it? The answer depends on how you feel about peace of mind and the ability to find the things you need! Now that you have a better idea of how much garage organization costs, don’t wait to tackle the job. Keep that fire burning! Head to Flow Wall to find everything you need to get your garage organized, whether you’re that house with a minimalist's camping gear collection—or the one with holiday lights that can be seen from outer space. Shop for hooks, bins, wall panels, garage cabinets, and more today.