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3 easy garage conversions

3 easy garage conversions
By Flow Wall
July 28, 2014

Your garage doesn't have to just be a spot for your car on a rainy day. With a little bit of creativity and vision you can transform that oft-neglected space into anything from a secluded office to an additional rec room. All it takes is a free weekend and some elbow grease to turn your dark, disheveled garage into an awesome work or living area. Here are a few ideas for the ultimate garage conversion project.

Man cave

Need a place to yourself to get away from it all? Convert your garage into the ultimate man cave by swapping out the minivan for a mini fridge. The key here is to keep everything organized so you can make the most out of the limited space. Use tall cabinets to keep all the sports equipment and other garage tools out of sight. Base cabinets are perfect for a wall-mounted entertainment center. Plop your television on top and stock the inside with a video game console and DVDs. An area rug will go a long way toward defining the space and making it more comfortable. Finally, make sure your garage is sealed up from the elements. Now that it is your man cave, you don't want any moisture getting in and ruining your furniture or electronics.

Office center

For those in need of a little extra work space, the garage should be the first place to look. With some creative wall storage systems, you can easily have a functional office in no time. The best offices assist you in your workflow by keeping everything you need at your fingertips. Use Flow Wall's workstation set to create a desk with plenty of storage. Since it is all mounted to the wall, you don't have to worry about taking up valuable floor space. Instead, you can use that area for a nice big bean bag chair to destress and rejuvenate your creative juices.

Children's rec room

Children need a place where they can be free to express themselves. Give them their own space with a converted garage rec room. Cover the ground with springy flooring to protect your young ones when they inevitably take a tumble. Use soft storage bins down low for toys that are easily accessible while keeping craft supplies or anything else that requires adult supervision in wall cabinets mounted out of reach.