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Essential Garage Tools: Your Guide to Storage & Organization

Essential Garage Tools: Your Guide to Storage & Organization
By Flow Wall
April 30, 2022

Your garage should be an oasis in the desert of commotion. Somewhere peaceful or tranquil, even. If your garage is bursting at the seams with bins full of sports equipment and you’re struggling to fit your lawnmower inside, this article is for you.

How Do I Organize My Tools in My Garage?

Your garage is home to many important things, but your tools are your babies. We get that. Storing them safely and organizing them efficiently will go a long way in getting your garage spick and span. Here are six simple ways you can do that:

  1. DIY Toolkits

Instead of trying to fit into premade toolboxes, you can create your own out of plastic bins, boxes, and other containers you have lying around. Organize your must-have garage tools by adding divided containers and making the toolbox of your dreams. One-size-fits-all isn’t what we’re after here—get creative!

  1. Drill Storage

Drills are a tool that every garage needs, so finding the right storage solution is important. Of course, they also happen to be large and unwieldy compared to hammers or screwdrivers. Using hooks to keep them accessible and separate from other tools can be a handy trick.

  1. Tackle Boxes

They’re not just for the fish, it seems. A clear tackle box with divided compartments is the perfect spot for all of your nuts and bolts. 

  1. Pegboard

The mighty pegboard is easy to overlook, but it’s a tool organization must-have. They are a shining beacon of practicality, and they’re aesthetically pleasing. Everybody wins!

  1. Magnetic Strip

If you don’t want to dig through drawers to find what you’re looking for, consider adding a magnetic strip. Keep those shiny wrenches and pliers right where you can see them and within easy reach. 

  1. Labels

You might think you have a great memory now, but after all of this is over, you’re not going to remember what’s inside every single container.


Just make the labels. Whether you make them with a fancy label maker or spell it out in permanent marker on the side of the container, we promise you’ll be happy you made an effort.

How Should I Organize My Garage Storage?

Now that your tools have a home, we can figure out how we want to organize the space. Your mission is clear: Get everything off the floor.


Here are five solutions to keep your garage essentials organized and, most importantly, keep you from tripping over them.

  1. Zones

Designate a different section of your garage for grouping like items together. You might have a “lawn and yardwork” zone and a “sports and activities” zone. Just make sure there’s enough space between the zones to get around!

  1. Panels

Panel organizers can be the foundation of your garage organization. You can use these individually or connect them to add lots of functionality. Add shelves, hooks, magnets, and more to your panels to create space for pretty much everything you own.

  1. Wall Shelves

Don’t let all that vertical space go to waste. Use wall shelves to add height to your storage space and take advantage of every square inch of your garage.

  1. Bins

Bins are about to become your new best friend. For all of your various loose items, organizing them into designated bins will keep your space clean and clutter-free. 

  1. Hooks

It should probably go on a hook if it doesn’t fit in a bin. With hooks, you can hang tools, bags, brooms, bike helmets, hoses, fishing rods, and more.

Extra Tips

You’ve got the bulk of your garage situated, so now it’s time for the cherry on top. The hardest part of organizing your garage isn’t the actual organizing—it’s keeping it that way. 


Here are some extra tips to keep your space feeling great:


  • Store your seasonal items higher up and keep your everyday items within arm’s reach.

  • Keep your lawn care items next to the garage door for easy access.

  • Hang your bikes up and out of the way.

  • For the items, you use daily, use open bins or baskets in spots that are easy to reach.

  • Hose down your garage floor on the regular to keep things clean.

  • Make sure to leave some space for your garbage and recycling bins, if possible!

Get Organized with Flow Wall

Your garage can be your sanctuary. If this idea feels far-fetched, then step back and allow Flow Wall to work some magic. 


Take your garage space to the next level and get organized with Flow Wall. You can find all the panel organizers, wall shelves, hooks, and bins that your heart desires.