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6 Essential Winter Garage Storage Tips

6 Essential Winter Garage Storage Tips
By Flow Wall
December 31, 2021

Fortunately, a little organization goes a long way to make your garage work well for you in the winter. And if you’re on the hunt for excellent winter garage storage tips, you’re in the right place. Check out our guide for ideas on garage snowblower storage, winter gear storage, and more.

1. Get Easy Access to Your Snowblower

Step aside, lawnmower. The snowblower is the equipment all-star when wintertime rolls around, and it needs the perfect spot in the garage for its moment of glory. If you’re struggling to come up with snowblower storage ideas, we’ve got you covered: Simply place it on a waterproof mat along the wall of the garage for easy access all season long.

And if you don’t have the luxury of laying your snowblower out in the garage? Keeping your snowblower in a shed (covered and off the ground) is the next best option.

Metal bracket shelves are a must for any fan of the outdoors

2. Build a Wall Panel for Winter Sports Gear

Winter is here, and the fresh pow-pow is calling! If you’re lucky enough to live near the slopes, you’ll want to keep your winter sports gear ready for spontaneous outdoor adventures. Whether you’re into skiing or snowboarding or like to keep it mellow with a little casual snowshoeing, a wall panel is a great way to keep everything organized. A hook and panel system allows your equipment to air out in a cool, dry atmosphere and keeps everything from getting damaged on the floor or garage shelves.

3. Hang Hats, Gloves, and Scarves

There’s nothing worse than heading out the door, only to realize your hats and gloves are still damp from your last winter outing. Well, suffer no more, my friend! Hanging your hats and gloves on wall hooks will allow them to dry more quickly and give every piece of winter gear its own home. (If you have kids at home, you’re already envisioning what a game-changer this will be to your daily winter routine.)

4. Store Snow Boots on Metal Shelves

Tired of tracking snow and ice into the house on your snow boots? Rather than taking them off in the hallway or mudroom, move the storage to the garage. Metal shelves are the ideal solution for storing wet, damp boots that could damage wood shelving. They’ll have ample ventilation for drying and won’t create a slippery situation on your floors. It’s a win-win!

A hook and panel starter set is perfect for the boarders in your family

5. Create a Snow Management Station

Your snowblower may be the #1 winter tool, but salt and shovels are a close second. Make sure you have these items close on hand by creating your own little snow management station. We’re not saying this will make it any more fun to drag yourself out of bed and deal with the foot of fresh snow in your driveway—but just looking at your organized winter storage system will give your ego a boost.

Store salt in handy buckets near the entryway to the garage. Then use a wall hook to store your shovel right next to the rest of your gear. You might even consider installing a bench for sitting down to suit up before you go out into the frigid air.

6. Resituate Your Gear

The camping and beach gear may have taken center stage in the summer, but now they’ll be taking a back seat to parkas, ski poles, and toboggans. So, rather than tripping over beach umbrellas all winter, get smart and resituate your gear in a way that works for your needs. Consider moving summer gear to overhead storage to keep it out of the way, making space for the items that will get more use in the winter.

Find More Winter Storage Inspiration

Ready to nerd out on more winter garage storage ideas? You’re our kind of person! Check out the Flow Wall blog for more storage tips for any season. Or head to the Flow Wall shop to find cabinets, bins, wall panels, and everything you need to get organized this winter.