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23 Must-Haves for Any Home Garage Workshop

23 Must-Haves for Any Home Garage Workshop
By Flow Wall
December 23, 2020

Let’s talk workshops. 


Maybe you’ve just bought your first home or you think it’s high time to take adulting to the next level. Either way, you’re ready to get serious about building your own tool kit and home garage workshop. Where do you begin? Don’t stress—check out our ultimate list of what every home workshop needs.

Home Repair

Building a home workshop should begin with all the home repair essentials. Because if you can’t fix a leaky pipe or properly hang a gallery wall, you ain’t doing this right. (And don’t worry, hun—YouTube can help with the how once you’re properly equipped.)

1. Ladders

Kick off your home garage workshop with the mighty workhorse: a ladder. You’ll be using this thing to replace lights, paint the bedroom, clean windows, hang Christmas lights—you get the picture. Even if you’re renting your home, you really shouldn’t be without one!

2. Extension Cords

Build a solid collection of extension cords so you have one for every occasion. You might use a long outdoor extension cord to pull off some magical patio lighting. Or you might use a shorter indoor cord to wrangle that cable disaster behind the computer.

3. Measuring Tape

Do we really need to mention this one? Whether you’re buying furniture online, building a simple shelf, or hanging photos—if you’re existing in the 21st century, you need a quality measuring tape. How else are you gonna measure all the things?

4. Power Drill

Here’s where things get real. A power drill sets apart the casual home repair tool kit from the advanced, enhanced version. You’ll feel like a real boss when you’re hanging curtains and installing new drawer pulls with ease.

5. Basic Toolkit

Your home repair toolkit won’t be complete without a few basics: We’re talking wrenches, hammers, screwdrivers, and the like. You can pick up an essential toolkit at any hardware store.

6. Hand Saw

Do the serious power tools intimidate you? Poor baby! Or maybe you don’t want to blow your budget on an electric saw? It’s okay—you can still accomplish a lot with a humble hand saw.

7. Storage Space

You’ve collected the essentials, and now you need a place to put them. Take your garage workshop to new heights with some well-thought-out storage. From wall panels to cabinets to hanging bins, diversify your storage so all of your tools are within easy reach. 

Garden Tools

Want to have a rose garden your Gam-Gam would envy? Or maybe you’re trying your hand at growing a beginner’s vegetable garden? In any case, you’ll want to have a few essential gardening tools on hand.

8. Wheelbarrow

If you decide to improve your yard in any way, a wheelbarrow will make the job a whole lot easier. From hauling away tree branches to moving piles of dirt, you’ll love having this trusty tool by your side.

9. Shovel

Likewise, a shovel is another essential home workshop tool. Use yours to plant trees, level out that weird mound on the side yard, or build raised beds for your impressive cut flower garden.

10. Garden Hose

No garden toolkit is complete without a quality hose. Choose one that’s long enough to reach any corner of the yard, but not so long that it’s too heavy to move or store.

11. Pruning Shears

Pro tip: Bushes and trees thrive with regular pruning. And pruning shears make the task a whole lot easier. What, are you going to pop out there with a pair of grooming scissors? For shame!

12. Rake


Round out your gardening toolkit with a good rake—an essential tool to use alongside your shovel and wheelbarrow. Maybe they’ll be friends! That’s nice. Garden friends. 


All right, here’s where we take things up a notch. While gardening and home repairs are part of maintaining any home, woodworking is a skill reserved for the most committed. Here’s what you need to get started.

13. Air Compressor

If you’re getting into woodworking, things are going to get, well...dusty. So an air compressor is just the lifesaver you need, cleaning up piles of wood shavings in a jiffy.

14. Table Saw


A table saw is one of the must-have power tools for your home workshop. Use it for cutting 2x4s, trimming planks, and the like. 

15. Belt Sander

Want to refinish a table or repaint that dresser you found at a thrift store? A belt sander is your new best friend. Seriously, you’ll be going to brunch and sipping mimosas together in no time. Use it to quickly strip and sand any large surface or for leveling and trimming wood.

16. Work Bench

Store all of your essential woodworking tools on a spacious workbench. You’ll need a flat, wide surface for safely using all of your tools, plus some extra storage space to house everything when not in use.

17. Bench Vise

When it comes to woodworking, you don’t want to mess around with safety. Use a bench vise to ensure whatever you’re working on stays in place and that you don’t end up sawing off a finger while trying to hold something down. I’ll repeat it for good measure: Do not saw off a finger! Total rookie mistake.

18. Good Lighting

Good lighting is another essential tool to keep you safe while power tooling it up. Make sure the area around your workbench is well lit with a combination of overhead lighting and task lighting.

Car Gear

Do you have all the tools necessary to clean your car, do a quick oil change, or swoop in to save the day by helping someone in distress jump their car? No? Well, we’re here to change that. 

19. Car Jack


A car jack is going to make any type of car maintenance a whole lot easier. You’ll feel like a real pro when using your very own jack to lift your car—just don’t forget the mechanic creeper to go with it.

20. Shop Vac

Skip all those trips to the car wash and start doing things right at home. A Shop Vac is an essential tool for keeping your car clean and taking care of messes around the garage.

21. Ratchets

If you’re working on your car, you’re going to need a whole slew of ratchets to get the job done. Invest in a ratchet set to make sure you have everything you need on hand, from an air ratchet to a flex-head ratchet.

22. Funnel

This cheap tool will save you from a major mess when working on the car at home. Pick up a spill-free, flexible funnel for filling coolant, changing oil, or replacing brake fluid.

23. Jumper Cables

Hopefully, you already have a set of jumper cables in your car at all times, but if not—get your act together! Jumper cables are a required tool for quickly getting your car going when the battery dies. Even if you don’t need to use them on your own car, you could be a hero and help someone else who has a broken-down vehicle.

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