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How to Create the Ultimate Garage Workshop

By Flow Wall
February 8, 2018

Building a garage workshop is best achieved by breaking the process into steps and dividing the garage into sections according to intended usage. Here's a checklist to get you started with the process:

  1. Take inventory
  2. Plan your space
  3. Research products and purchase
  4. Clean garage for installation
  5. Install new products
  6. Organize items in new garage

1. The Ceiling

When you first begin to think about garage storage solutions, look up. Your ceiling is probably an underutilized space, just waiting for you to put it to good use and fulfill its potential. Whether you're wanting to store out-of-season snow gear, multiple bikes and kayaks, or various holiday decorations, there is a genius way to keep it all up and out of the more valuable areas of your workshop. Consider using hooks, hanging shelves, and pulley systems for this out-of-the way area. You'll have a clearer space to work with which is exactly what a good workspace needs. While you're at it, assess your garage lighting situation. You'll probably want general overhead lighting, track lighting, under-cabinet lighting, and a task lamp to cover all your illumination needs. Adequate wattage is essential when you're dealing with the details on any given project.

2. The Walls

When it comes to prime storage real estate, your garage walls are where it's located. This is the perfect place for an array of slatwall garage panels, open shelving, closed cupboards, sliding drawers, hanging bins, and hooks of various sizes. These options work great as tool organizers or storage for everything from yard equipment to camping gear and sporting goods. Workshop storage solutions help keep the tools and equipment you use most often within easy reach.

3. The Floor

The benefit to hanging items on the wall, rather than setting them on the floor, is that you'll end up having more space to move around and work in as well as keeping your floor free of tripping hazards and debris. This method of hanging wall storage also discourages rodents from taking up house under cabinets and in your random piles of stuff you may have stashed around the edges and in the corners. Finally, finish off your ultimate garage design with a premium floor coating. This incredibly durable epoxy material gives your hardworking floor some high gloss appeal. It is easy to clean and, trust us, will totally transform the look and feel of your garage. With this done, suddenly your space becomes an honor and pleasure to work in.

Other Considerations

If you really want to take your garage design seriously, add the following elements to your plan:

  • Keep a first-aid kit and fire extinguisher handy and install a smoke/carbon monoxide detector.
  • Install new electrical outlets right where you need them the most.
  • Insulate your garage door and consider installing a natural gas heater.
  • Bring in a bluetooth compatible speaker for streaming music.
  • Improve your garage ventilation system.
  • Retrofit your space with a car lift.
  • Add extra room through garage storage cabinets and bins.

Adding extra storage space, though you may not think you need it now, could really pay off in the future as your storage needs grow. These extra considerations could bring that extra space, safety, comfort, and fun into your newly designed garage. When your design flows from top to bottom (the ceiling, the walls, and the floor), you'll find that your finished workshop actually helps you get the job done, whatever it is, faster and better. Ready to create your dream garage space? Get started using the tips discussed above.