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13 Tips & Tricks for Camping Gear Storage at Home

13 Tips & Tricks for Camping Gear Storage at Home
By Flow Wall
February 14, 2021

Check out our tips to learn how to organize your outdoor gear like a pro so you’re ready for any everyday adventure.

1. Make Use of Overhead Space

Whether you have a tiny area that barely passes for a garage or a massive 4-car garage, you’ll make the most of your camping equipment storage space by thinking vertically. Store items like bulky sleeping bags in overhead storage shelves, then add hooks and cabinets to store smaller items in an organized fashion.

2. Store Tents Properly

You’re a camping pro, so you probably already know this. But if not, keep in mind that tents should be stored loosely in a cool, dry place to keep them in the best condition. Make sure to clean and dry your tent before putting it away, then make sure to keep it in a bag that minimizes tension on tent poles.

3. Stack Tarps First

Tarps are essential for any camping trip, but they can easily turn into a jumbled mess when storing them. Keep yours neat and tidy by sweeping them out, and then folding and putting them on the bottom of the shelf. From this point, you can easily stack tents and other gear on top.

4. Organize with Bins and Drawers

Flashlights and canteens and pocket knives—oh my! If you’re a seasoned camper, we’re willing to bet you have a lot of small accessories floating around in your garage. Corral all of these items in bins and drawers that are categorized by type (e.g., food gear, hiking gear, etc.).

5. Store Dangerous Items Up High

If you have kids, pets, or oblivious roommates, it’s important to play it safe by keeping dangerous items out of reach. This includes propane, bug repellent, knives, hatchets, and anything else sharp or toxic.

6. Hang Hiking Packs on Hooks

Those hiking packs take up a lot of space, but they don’t have to hog precious shelf real estate. Save space by hanging bags and similar items on wall hooks. You can even double up bags or store one smaller bag inside another bag.

7. Store Gear Inside Backpacks

Storing backpacks on the wall is ideal—but better yet, store backpacks on the wall with all of your gear inside them. Yep, we’re patting ourselves on the back for that idea. You’ll always be ready for any trip (or emergency) when you keep sleeping pads, mess kits, water bottles, and other essentials inside the pack. Plus, you’ll save tons of space!

Having your camping gear organized will allow you to focus on what you really love, camping!

8. Keep Sleeping Gear Together

There are many theories on the best way to organize, but we embrace the style that keeps similar items together in the same container. So when it comes to sleeping gear, this means keeping pads, sleeping bags, inflatable pillows, and anything else you use to snooze peacefully all in the same bag or bin.

9. Store Long Items in a Garbage Bin

Stumped on what to do with your canoe oars, skis, and poles? Store them in a tall garbage bin or other vertical container to minimize the chances of anything falling off or shelf and breaking. You can even secure the items with a bungee cord to keep them all in place.

10. Label, Label, Label

You read that right—labelmakers aren’t just for the crafty. Labeling all of your containers will allow you to know where everything is at just a glance. You can even go the extra mile by adding a detailed list of what’s inside.

11. Install Wall Panels

If you have a bunch of oddly sized items, traditional bins and containers may not be the right solution for your needs. In this case, the best way to organize camping gear is by installing customized wall panels. Add shelves, bins, and hooks to your panels so you can easily store even the most cumbersome items, like racquets and hiking poles.

12. Create Over-the-Door Shoe Storage

Sometimes learning how to organize camping gear requires you to think outside the box. Case in point? Shoe storage. If you have a door in your garage, you’ve just been greeted with a new opportunity. Invest in over-the-door shoe storage and get easy access to boots, running shoes, sandals, and more.

13. Personalize the Space with Photos

Organizing outdoor gear doesn’t have to be a chore. Remind yourself why you have all of this stuff by personalizing the space with photos from your many outdoor expeditions. Sure, the garage isn’t the first place you think to hang a frame, but you can keep it simple by using a cork board and pushpins, or even by adding laminated photos to your storage containers.

A little lighting can go a long way when you are camping with friends.

It’s Time for a Trip!

Now that you know how to organize camping stuff, it’s time for a trip to the great outdoors. This time, getting ready for your trip will be less of a chore—especially when you enlist the help of Flow Wall. Learn more about organizing your camping gear storage for the long haul, then plan your custom Flow Wall today