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Garage Hanging Storage Ideas For Utilizing Wall Storage Space

By Flow Wall
November 14, 2018

Looking for some garage hanging storage ideas? You are certainly not alone. In fact, one out of four Americans admits that their garage is so unorganized and cluttered that they don't even have room to fit just one vehicle. If you happen to fall into that category, we can help. Whether you want garage wall hanging storage or overhead garage hanging storage, simply use these tips to effectively organize your garage into a roomy, clutter-free zone.

How Does Hanging Garage Storage Improve a Garage?

When you use garage wall hanging storage, you can effectively organize all of your things in a way that not only improves storage space, but protects them too. By organizing your garage storage, you'll be able to free up space for vehicles, sports equipment, or maybe even a new workshop. With all of these storage options and new-found space, you can also make more room in your home by moving clutter from inside the house to the garage. You could free up an entire room or closet once you have the right garage storage. If you're not sure how much you'll have room for, you can plan your garage storage solutions ahead of time to get a better idea.

Garage Hanging Storage Solutions

Every garage is different, especially after it's been equipped with storage that best suits the homeowner. Some prefer units that hang on the wall and make their belongings easily accessible with cabinets and various types of garage shelving, while others like to store their items overhead. Depending on your garage size, you could even have jumbo garage storage systems that provide even more storage options. Our 12-piece Dream Garage storage solution provides you with ample ways to safely and effectively store a number of items, from tools to food storage. This particular kit comes with shelves, cabinets, storage bins, hooks, prongs, bin holder brackets, and even a handy work surface. This ultimate garage hanging storage also comes with panels that make installation easy, whether you're installing on brick, drywall, or cement. If you're remodeling your garage, don't forget to paint the garage walls before you install the panels.

Common Items to Store in the Garage

Once you've discovered a way to organize your garage, you'll be amazed at all of the items that you'll be able to fit. As you plan your garage storage, make a list of everything you want to store and how you want to store it. To get you started, here is a list of the most common items that are kept in the garage:

  • Auto accessories like car-cleaning supplies, tire inflators, etc.
  • Tents, lanterns, roasting sticks, and other camping gear.
  • Memorabilia and other items you don't need frequent access to.
  • Gardening tools such as shovels, lawn mowers, potting soil, etc.
  • Pool and patio supplies, including lawn chairs and compact outdoor furniture sets.
  • Emergency preparedness kits and food storage collections.

We hope you found this article helpful in planning and creating your own garage hanging storage solutions. Check out our other articles for more pro tips, renovation inspiration, and garage hanging storage ideas.