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Garage Organization Ideas: Store Outdoor Gear Like a Pro

By Flow Wall
June 7, 2018

You're a weekend warrior. You live, breathe, play, and sleep outside. But when it's time to come home to roost, your gear ends up in a messy pile in the garage. Sound familiar? If this is you, you need to get organized. We're here to help you organize your outdoor equipment storage setup. And hey, if you've already got your stuff together, maybe you could learn a thing or two from these garage organization ideas.

1.Take Stock

If you're just getting started with outdoor equipment storage, inventory all of the gear you have. Plan and create garage storage space for all your gear, making sure everything has its place. Make sure to leave a little extra room for additional gear you plan to acquire over the years. Taking an initial inventory can help you know how much room you need to plan for, and it can give you a chance to get rid of any gear you don't use anymore.

2. Use What You've Got

You may have backpacks that are hanging there empty, these are optimal storage solutions and should be filled with pertinent gear. To stay organized, try to keep most of your backpacking equipment together inside the backpack. That way you'll be able to quickly find what you need when it's time to go. Another great storage solution is to keep smaller dutch ovens inside of bigger ones. When you start looking at how your gear may be storage opportunities themselves, it may surprise you how much space you actually have to use.

3. Hang It Up

Don't let all of that wall space in your garage go to waste. Install some heavy duty wall hooks and slatwall panel systems on your walls to keep your gear hanging neatly out of the way. If you have outdoor gear that gets wet, you'll need a place to hang it to dry. Wet gear can lead to damaged gear as it can wear easier and even lead to mold. Consider utilizing wall storage solutions to help you organize your gear and utilize extra space you may not have realized you had.

4. Label It

If you're using storage solutions like garage wall cabinets, labels can help you stay organized. Having designated areas of your storage space clearly marked will help you put stuff back where it goes. You can avoid a lot of future mess if you have designated areas for certain gear. This can also help you be better organized and find your gear easier when you need to leave on your next quick trip.

5. Keep It Together

Your outdoor equipment is easier to find if you store it all in the same place. Don't keep your tackle in the shed, your rod in the garage, and your waders in your bedroom closet. Keeping all of your fishing gear together makes it that much easier to grab it all and go when you decide to go on that last-minute fishing trip.

6. Push The Vertical Limit

Where you keep your gear affects its accessibility. Keep your most important stuff, like safety equipment, at eye level. Store your heavy items lower, and keep sleeping pads flat on the top shelf. Stash your fishing rods vertically to avoid putting extra stress anywhere but the base. Maximize space by grouping any other long, tall items, like hiking poles, together in one spot.

7. Organize By Size

Organize your backpacking, camping, and fishing equipment by size. This can make trying to decide where to store your gear a lot easier. It can also help you maximize the available space you have and ensure you have optimal storage solutions. You'll be able to find your gear easier when it's ordered biggest to smallest, or vice versa.

8. Stick To The System

Even if size doesn't do it for you, find a method for organizing your equipment. This organizational system should fit your personal preferences. Once you've picked a system, commit to it. Any method for ordering your storage is only as good as your follow-through. Organizing your outdoor gear is important to keep your gear clean, safe, and accessible. However, depending on how much gear you have, it can also be a bit overwhelming. If you're starting fresh, use these garage organization ideas to make a game plan. In no time you will find yourself building the best garage storage solutions for your gear.