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Winter Gear Storage Ideas

Winter Gear Storage Ideas
By Flow Wall
December 23, 2020

The autumn leaves start to fall, and the temperature dips—it’s time to get out your winter gear. While partaking in snowy outdoor activities is all fun and laughs, once you’re home, you’ve got to stow these items away. But who really wants to do that? 

First of all, where do you even put all of your winter gear? What if you’re short on closet and shed space? Even though you might feel compelled to toss your puffy parka and ice skates under the bed, by setting up the right tools in your home, organizing your winter gear can be made simple.

Here are seven winter gear storage ideas to help you remove clutter and make the most of your space. 

  1. Use Bins and Baskets for Grab-and-Go Accessories 

Bins and baskets are great winter hat and glove storage ideas—especially if it’s been snowing or raining outside. Bins and baskets have the ventilation needed to air out and dry your accessories. 

Consider having one or several bins for your gloves and mittens and another for your hats and beanies. Once your gloves and mittens are completely dry, attach them together with a clip or fold them together. That way, you won’t waste time trying to find the other glove.

  1. Have Designated Hooks for Scarves

All those scarves are not easy items to keep organized. To avoid them from becoming a tangled mess, hang each one on a hook

Using hooks can help you avoid diving into an endless sea of scarves each morning—you’ll be able to spot the one you want to wear. Not to mention, if you have extra hooks, you can use these for other accessories like the hats you weren’t able to fit in your bins and baskets. 


  1. Use Sturdy Hooks to Hang Your Skates 

Another great way to utilize hooks? Hang your ice or hockey skates on them. Depending on how large your skates are, you can install heavy-duty hooks that will withstand their weight. 


You can hang the skates by their blade or by their laces. However, don’t forget to hang up your skates with the guards on to protect and keep them in good shape. 

  1. Install a Large Cabinet for Your Winter Coats

The heavy rotation of wardrobes throughout the year can make it challenging to find room for everything. Luckily, there are jumbo cabinets that can create more space for those bulky winter coats. 


Consider installing the cabinets in your garage or foyer; you’ll have easy access to your coats as you’re walking in and out of the house. With Flow Wall’s cabinets, you can add accessories like hooks, shelves, and rods to hang your coats and other winter accessories on. 


  1. Add a Row of Metal Shelves for Your Snow Boots 

Instead of putting your snowshoes on your floors and creating a slippery mess (not to mention damaging your floor), place them on metal bracket shelves so they can dry. 

Like hooks, shelves are versatile tools. And if you buy the right style, they won’t be an eyesore. In fact, they’ll be attractive accessories that enhance the look and feel of your space. At Flow Wall, we carry different shades of metal shelves, so you can find a color that complements your garage, mudroom, or foyer. 


  1. Have a Hook and Panel System for Your Skis and Snowboards 

Ski and snowboard garage storage requires a cool and dry environment. During the winter months, place them on a storage rack or sports hook and panel system in your garage. These tools will help your gear dry after a long day on the slopes. 

In the summer, humidity, moisture, and heat can accumulate in your garage and attic. It’s better to move your skis and snowboard inside the house, either under your bed or in a closet/large cabinet. 

  1. Hang Your Crampons and Microspikes

You can use up the remaining hook and panel system for your crampons and microspikes. After a nice long hike, you’ll need to hang your footgear to let them dry. Once they’ve dried, you can put them back in their original bags and hang the bags on the hooks. 

Where Should You Store Winter Gear During the Colder Seasons? 

Now that you have some winter gear storage ideas brewing, you might be wondering where to store your items. Generally, during the winter season, you should store your winter sports gear in the garage and a mudroom or foyer for your outerwear. 

How Should You Store Winter Gear During Warmer Seasons?

During the off-season, you should store your winter gear together in a labeled box or storage bin. Make sure all of your items are clean and completely dry before storing them. Otherwise, your items can attract moths and accumulate unwanted odors (this can be extremely difficult to remove after months have passed). 

And, as discussed, your skis and snowboards should be moved from the garage into the house, either under your bed or in a closet. 

 Get Organizing with Flow Wall

We get it, organizing your winter gear doesn’t sound like the most ideal way to spend a weekend. But with Flow Wall’s sports equipment kit, you can create a custom storage space with ease. It’ll help you eliminate clutter and safely store your gear. So check out our products, and enjoy your winter gear all season long!