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7 Ways to Use a Magnet Hook That You Haven't Thought of Before

7 Ways to Use a Magnet Hook That You Haven't Thought of Before
By Flow Wall
February 16, 2016

The best organizers know how to think outside the box. Creativity truly is where all the best garage organization tips and tricks spring from. At Flow Wall, we like to demonstrate how versatile our products can be, so the ingenuitive organizer in you can see all the possibilities for even the simplest organizational tool. One of these simple yet exciting tools is our Magnet Hook. Although this device seems straightforward at first, its potential quickly expands when you think of all the metal supplies in your life. This sturdy tool is made of high tensile steel with a 13-gauge steel back plate. The Flow Wall hooks seamlessly attach to our smart walls and are fully welded and powder-coated to protect against rust and scratches. This 22-inch-long device can hold up to 25 pounds, but the real kicker is that the Magnet Hook is only $19.99! If you're not already sold on adding the Magnet Hook to your Flow Wall system, check out all these interesting ways you can use it.

1. Tools

The most obvious use for the Magnet Hook is hanging tools such as screwdrivers, hammers, and pliers. Although it's not very creative, it's one use that makes the Magnet Hook a must have in any garage. Keep your most useful tools within arms reach at all times by storing them on the Magnet Hook, which displays prominent tools for sleek organization and easy access. ways to use a magnet hook

2. Gardening Tools

Another obvious use for the Magnet Hook is organizing gardening tools. Your shovels and stem clippers will always be ready for a day in the dirt when you store them on a Magnet Hook. This hook can be placed anywhere on your smart wall, so you can keep dangerous items like sharp clippers up and out of children's reach with ease, making your garage a safe place for everyone.

3. Keys

Between your home, garage, storage shed, and car keys, you probably have a lot jingling around your pocket. Kick that clutter out and store spare keys on the Magnet Hook. Finding a secure place to store your keys will help keep your kids from losing their spare and make access easy to bikes and other items that require locks when they're not in use.

ways to use a magnet hook

4. Barbecue Tools

A man at his barbecue is nothing without the proper apparatuses. To keep your favorite cooking utensils close by, store them on a Magnet Hook. Your spatula and tongs will always be near your BBQ machine, and you can keep unsafe cutlery out of the reach of children, so you never have to worry about sharp tools falling into the wrong hands.

5. Sports Equipment

It's the little items that always become the hardest to organize. Instead of digging through bottomless bags or leaving equipment on the floor to be wrecked, store them on the Magnet Hook. Items like metal baseball bats and golf clubs will always be ready for an impromptu game in the backyard on a Magnet Hook, and the kids know exactly where their toys go after the match.

6. Sewing and Knitting Supplies

Flow Wall's smart wall design is useful in more than just the garage. Craft rooms and offices make great spaces for this unique organizational tool. Crafters who dabble in sewing, knitting, or crocheting know how frustrating it is to dig for needles through piles of yarn or to try and find an unraveled tape measure. Eliminate that frustration by keeping all your metal tools on a Magnet Hook and spend your time focusing on the project at hand, instead of searching through a mess of materials.

7. Paint Supplies

Paint brushes, paint can openers, and rollers all feature metal bands that attach nicely to the Magnet Hook. When you organize your supplies on the Magnet Hook, you'll no longer have to buy all new items every time you start a new painting project.

ways to use a magnet hook


The best organization devices are multi-faceted. With the many metal tools you use regularly, there is almost no more versatile a tool than the Magnet Hook. What other uses for the Magnet Hook can you think of?