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Turn your garage into a greenhouse

Turn your garage into a greenhouse
By Flow Wall
September 24, 2020

Some garages can be such a downer, can't they? When you're walking into a disorganized, dimly lit space full of greasy tools and cardboard boxes, it's hard to feel any desire to hang out there for longer than absolutely required.

But what if you could transform your garage from a drab, lifeless square box to a greenhouse teeming with plant life? Hard to believe, we know. But it's totally possible if you have the right tools and know-how. Once you've tried it, you'll actually be making up excuses to go hang out in your little oasis.

If you're at all interested in growing plants in your garage, we say now is the time to seize the opportunity. Check out our guide to turn your garage into a greenhouse even the greenest thumb would envy.

1. Bring in the Light

Sure, you learned it in elementary school science, but it's worth reminding: Plants require light to grow. So if your garage is like most others, you're definitely going to need to amp up the lighting situation in order for your plants to thrive. You can do this by adding windows (expensive) or by purchasing artificial lighting (less expensive). Hang lights above where you want your plants to go or put your plants right below the existing windows, if you're lucky enough to have that precious light pouring in already.

2. Heat it Up

Believe it or not, trying to grow plants in the depths of winter isn't off the table. That is, if you have adequate heating. A space heater or solar lamps is all you need to keep the garage warm enough for plants to thrive. Keep in mind that the hotter the room is, the more light and water your plants will need. So you only need to keep the room above freezing for your plants to grow.

If you're starting with seedlings, you may also want to use clear plastic sheets to create a greenhouse effect for your little sprouts in their infancy. Plastic will keep your plants warm and make it easier for delicate seeds to thrive.

3. Build Your Garden

Now here's for the fun part: building your garden! Do your research and find out which types of plants grow best in your region and climate. (You don't want to go to all this work and then have your plants dying on you, right?)

Once you know which plants you want to grow, decide on a setup. The sky's the limit here, so get creative: Shelving units, rows of pots, raised beds, plastic bins—with all the inventive ideas out there, there's never been a better time to build a garage greenhouse.

Invest in a thermometer to make sure your garage stays within the desired temperature range, then organize your garage tools using a pegboard or shelving system. Because the best gardeners don't waste any time tripping over spades or looking everywhere for their shears.

Embrace Your Garage Greenhouse

Whether you're growing vegetables in your garage or a flower garden fit for a rom-com set in the English countryside, follow these tips and you'll be on your way. Eventually, you'll develop that intuition all the best gardeners have, and your garage garden will be the envy of the Instagram—guaranteed.