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Tips to Help You Properly Clean and Care for Your Garage

By Flow Wall
June 8, 2017

Do you typically overlook your garage during spring cleaning each year because the task seems too daunting? Garages tend to be a catch-all for everything from outdoor tools and equipment, to boxes of books and clothes. Here are 5 tips to help you cut the clutter and give your garage the thorough cleaning it needs this spring. 

1. Get Rid of the Clutter

First thing's first: before you can do any kind of cleaning in your garage, you need to go through everything in the space and declutter. If possible, pull everything out of your garage so you have a clear view of what you're dealing with and either donate or throw out anything you don't use or need. In addition, pulling out every item gives you the opportunity to give every corner of your garage the thorough cleaning it deserves.

2. Clean the Floor

Do you know how to clean concrete floor? After sweeping out dirt and debris, use sawdust or cat litter to help absorb any oil present, then use a stiff brush and detergent to scrub these spots clean before using a power washer to finish off the job. It's a good idea to consider sealing and painting your garage flooring to help with future upkeep, make cleaning concrete easier, and give your garage a more polished look.

3. Install an Organization System

The best way to keep tools, sports equipment, and anything else housed in your garage organized is with the help of a garage organization system. Select cabinets, drawers, cupboards, countertops, and paneling that fits your needs, and allows you to give a proper home to items in your garage. An organized garage not only looks better, but makes finding things easier.

4. Give Your Garage Door Some TLC

While you should be washing your garage door regularly throughout the year, now is an excellent time to give it a once over and perform any necessary repairs. Check wood doors for chips and water damage and re-seal or repaint as needed. Sand out any rust spots on steel doors, then prime and paint the area to keep the door looking new.

5. Check and Repair Garage Door Mechanisms

Finally, check that every working part of your garage door is functioning properly. Here are some things to check:

  • Inspect weather stripping and rollers and replace as needed.
  • Make sure all moving parts are properly lubricated with garage door lubricant.
  • Clear door tracks, check cables, and test safety features.
  • Ensure garage door is properly balanced.
  • Check and tighten hardware and garage door hinges.

Whip Your Garage Back Into Shape

Performing this garage service every year will leave you not only with a clean, organized garage, but a fully functioning garage door.