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How to Have a Dust-Proof Garage

How to Have a Dust-Proof Garage
By Flow Wall
January 1, 2022

But guess what? We like that about you. Learning how to get rid of dust in the garage could change your life for the better, in more ways than you might realize. You’ll have a nicer space for home workouts, be more efficient in your garage workshop, and (literally) breathe easier every time you step into the garage.

Who knows? Your partner may even start coming around the garage more often! (Wait—is this something we want?)

Well, anyway, let’s get to it. Step right this way, and soak up all of our tips on how to keep dust down in the garage.

1. Seal Concrete Floors

Unsealed concrete floors can be one of the biggest contributors to dust in a garage. Concrete dust slowly emits from the floor and can transfer to shelves, bikes, food storage, etc. So what’s the natural solution? To seal them, of course. This process can be done in a day and will go a long way to keep dust from settling in the garage, and—bonus!—it’ll prevent staining and fill cracks, too.

2. Seal Doorways and Windows

How is the seal situation looking around your doorways and windows? If it’s drafty, there’s another top dust-contributor right there. Dust and debris can easily blow through a bad door seal, so it’s essential to install or repair seals that are loose, cracked, or non-existent.

3. Clean Equipment and Gear

You may be in a rush to hit the couch with a cold one after mowing the lawn, gardening, or spending time out on your mountain bike. But bringing in dirty equipment is another surefire way to add dust to the garage. Make sure you clean your equipment and gear before storing them away to keep the dust to a minimum.

4. Vacuum Regularly

Fellas, it’s time to set that push broom aside. It may seem like a brilliant way to combat dust, but a truly dust-proof garage is going to need the big guns. A heavy-duty Shop-Vac or garage vacuum with a solid internal filter is necessary for sucking up dust—rather than pushing it from one side of the garage to the other. Vacuum the garage weekly to keep things shipshape.

5. Install a Parking Mat

Whether you’re regularly off-roading or hitting the streets of your urban jungle, a parking mat is always a smart move when you want to cut down on garage dust. This will protect and prolong your garage floors and keep dirt and debris on your tires from floating elsewhere.

6. Use Airtight Containers

From power tools to Christmas decorations, a lot of your garage gear probably carries a bit of dust. Fortunately, keeping it contained is a pretty quick fix. Simply give your belongings a good wipe down (outside of the garage), then store them in airtight containers to prevent more dust from collecting on the surfaces. Sure, it might be a weekend project. But you’ll thank yourself later when you notice how organized and tidy your garage has become.

7. Swap Out Your HVAC Filter

Are you one of those guys who is the envy of the neighborhood? The one with the HVAC system in your garage? If so, just know we’re over here trying to curb the jealousy. But also—you have a little extra homework on your plate. You’ll definitely want to regularly change the filter to pull dust and debris from the air before it hits your garage. Another perk? A fresh filter will reduce energy bills, too.

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