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How to clean out a messy car

By Flow Wall
February 23, 2015

We've got spring cleaning fever, and we've already cleaned out our garage cabinets, planned out our seasonal landscaping and created an awesome home inventory spreadsheet. The organizing isn't complete yet, though. With such a well-outfitted garage, don't you want your car to look just as spiffy? You use your vehicle every day, and it needs a fair amount of maintenance and upkeep. Fear not - we have a step-by-step plan that will get your car looking just as put-together as the rest of your garage in no time.

Start by de-cluttering it

The first thing you'll want to do is remove everything extraneous from your car. Extremely tiny spaces get messy easily, and a car only has so much storage space to offer you. Before you start organizing your belongings, sift through them and ask yourself one question: Does this actually belong in my car?

Add a trash can

The No. 1 thing that makes your car messy is trash, which is an extremely simple problem to solve when you add a trash can to your car. You can pick up a small bathroom-sized one almost anywhere and slip it in the second row right between the seats. The only thing you need to do now? Remember to take out the trash every once in awhile.

Store things where you'll need them

You can't move around too much when you're restrained by your seatbelt, which means the things you need should be within arm's reach. Your kids' toys should go in the backseat, while the maps should go somewhere near the passenger seat.

Use over-the-seat organizers

These are particularly great if you have kids, but they also make excellent storage for odds and ends like tissues, napkins, crayons, plastic silverware, etc. They create extra storage in your car and they keep everything within reach, meeting both of our earlier requirements. Not sure what to use? A portable bathroom caddy is a good organizer option.

Limit what goes in the glove box

When it comes to the glove box, there's one rule we'd recommend you adhere to: Only keep the important things in this bin. Your car's manual and your insurance card are two things that need to be found quickly, and shoving too many things into the space will make that impossible.

Use the trunk for the extras

The hallmark of a truly organized car is preparedness, whether that's for an accidental coffee spill or an impromptu happy hour after work. You can keep a change of clothes, a pair of gym shoes or an extra jacket folded up in a bin in your trunk at all times just in case you should need it later on.

Invest in a grocery sling

If you have a big car, you're probably used to your groceries rolling around in the trunk, which can crush even the most sturdy eggs and potato chips. Luckily they make grocery slings just for that purpose. If nothing else, it will save you an extra trip to the grocery store.

Spring cleaning is almost over, folks. Now your car is on organization par with your garage organization!