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9 Ultimate Garage Accessories You Need in Your Life

9 Ultimate Garage Accessories You Need in Your Life
By Flow Wall
February 28, 2022

Panel systems, bins, hooks, and more can move your things from the floor to the walls and even the ceilings. Which ultimate garage accessories are going on your wishlist?

3 Must-Have Garage Accessories to Get Yesterday

Beyond your basic tools, equipment, and durable worktops that are easy to keep clean, there are some items a garage must have to be as productive as possible. Once you have them, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without them.

  1. Tool Chest on Wheels

Don’t you hate it when you have to make multiple trips to your workbench because you keep forgetting a tool? Or you grab it, but then it’s not the right size or style? A mobile tool chest on wheels can move your tools to your project site—protecting your fragile ego from multiple exasperating trips back to home base. 

  1. Hose Reel

Hoses can be like the Rubik’s Cube of the garage world. You try to roll them up by hand one way, and they twist and turn like a garden snake. A hose reel allows you to neatly and easily unwind and wind your hoses. Your plants will thank you for this purchase.

  1. Battery Organizer

Save time and frustration by knowing exactly where to find the batteries you desperately need when you need them. No more pawing through drawers of assorted AAs searching for a 9V—these organizers have specific spots for each type and are a great way to know when you are running low on each size.

This storage set even has a working surface for all kinds of projects

3 Garage Organization Accessories to Improve Life Immeasurably

“For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.” Benjamin Franklin may not have been thinking about garage organization…but maybe he was. We don’t really know for sure, do we? He’s too dead to ask. 

Either way, the quote sure does fit when it comes to garage work and storage space. Spend less time searching and more time working and playing with these garage organization accessories.

  1. Panel System for Easy Access Tool Display

Panel systems are an excellent way to start your garage organization project. Panels of different sizes (and even colors) can be mixed and matched to fit your space and expertly store items of all shapes and sizes.

Add a combination of hooks, bins, and shelves to optimize space. One benefit of panel systems—besides how cool and adult they’ll make you feel—is that these garage organization accessories can be moved as your storage and workspace needs change.

  1. Storage Cabinets

Using a cabinet system can help keep items off of your garage floors, leaving you with a cleaner space. Cabinets can also hide unsightly items like messy old paint cans or that hideous sweater from your aunt-in-law. Upgrade to a locking cabinet to secure potentially harmful substances like pesticides and herbicides, keeping them away from curious little ones. 

Just like with the panels, you can add shelves and bins and hooks as garage cabinet accessories that ensure everything has its own spot.

  1. Corner Racks

In almost every room of the house, corners tend to become wasted space. But not in your garage! Corner storage racks are ideal for gardening tools, fishing poles, and large pieces of sporting equipment. They also make a good way to sort and store small bits of lumber.

This garage hardware set can give you lots of space to organize things for your home

3 Cool Garage Accessories Just to Be Awesome

Sometimes you need to splurge on those items that put the “fun” into your functional garage. Indulge your playful side and make even the most mundane garage tasks enjoyable.

  1. Sound System

Music is a motivator and a muse, so whether you’re working hard on a cabinet install or crafting and creating in your Man Cave or She Shed, a good Bluetooth speaker system is a must. If your projects take you out of the garage, grab a Bluetooth charger radio to keep the beat going.

  1. Keg Fridge

Working on the car, or any garage project, can be thirsty work! Quench your thirst and keep emergency snacks on hand in a cool keg fridge.

  1. The Thinking Spot

Sometimes the toughest part of any project is coming up with the plan, and sometimes coming up with that plan requires some reflection time in a comfortable and relaxing spot. Maybe yours is a recliner next to the keg fridge. Or perhaps a bean bag chair by your bookshelf of woodworking books. Carve out a little space for yourself—you’ll be glad you did.

Enjoy the Journey with These Garage Accessories

Orison Swett Marden said, “A good system shortens the road to the goal.” He hit the nail on the head with this one, and you can too when you organize with these ultimate garage accessories.