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Genius Garage Sports Equipment Storage Solutions

Genius Garage Sports Equipment Storage Solutions
By Flow Wall
February 1, 2022

Luckily, investing a little time into your garage sports storage system can totally change the game when it comes to keeping your gear organized. Soon you’ll be jetting off to play tennis or scooping up your hockey stick effortlessly—no Jenga skills required.

1. Corral Balls with Open Bins

Whether you’re Joe Sports Guy or just a dad trying to keep up with your 8-year-old, a few open bins can do wonders as a simple garage sports organizer. Choose heavy-duty wire baskets or crates to corral footballs, soccer balls, and everything in between. You’ll be able to see everything clearly and keep the air flowing. Win-win!

2.  Build a Hook and Panel System

A sports hook and panel system is the ultimate way to customize your sports rack for the garage. Bring on the skis, the helmets, the wakeboard, the gym bag: Whatever you have, the hook and panel system can handle it all. It’s the perfect option when you have a smattering of sports equipment in different shapes and sizes.

3. Organize Bikes with Wall-Mounted Hooks

While wall racks are great, wall-mounted bike hooks are even better (of course, the hook and panel system from #2 can accommodate both!). Storing bikes on the garage floor is a waste of space. Plus, it often causes a domino effect, sending all the bikes tumbling to the ground in one fell swoop. Save yourself the trouble by hooking each front bike tire to a secure ceiling or wall hook. You’ll be patting yourself on the back for this one.

4. Conceal Equipment in a Deluxe Storage Cabinet

There’s something satisfying about seeing a beautiful wall of sleek cabinetry—rather than a jumble of assorted sports equipment. Minimalists will love a 5-piece cabinet set, while serious jocks might require a 13-piece jumbo cabinet workstation. Either way, you’ll have a great system for organizing—and concealing—your balls, rackets, nets, and more.

5. Save Space with Wall Racks

If there’s anything we’ve learned in life, it’s that wall racks are always a good idea. Install them in the garage, closets, office—no matter where you are, you’ll love all the space you save with this genius invention. Wall racks will keep your gear off the ground and allow for clear walkways, so the journey to your car doesn’t turn into a total maze.

6. Install Ball Claws for Easy Access

Let’s be honest: Some of those niche organization products just seem, well, unnecessary. But the ball claw? We can’t argue with its pure awesomeness. Store your balls on the wall with ease using these handy tools, which can be customized to fit any type of ball (well, maybe not disco balls). Just pop it in, then grab and go whenever you’re ready to get your sweat on.

7. Make Use of Overhead Space

We can’t talk about sports equipment storage solutions without mentioning overhead storage options. Because it doesn’t matter if you own a single-car or 4-car garage...if you’re like every other human, you’re looking for more garage space. Installing overhead garage shelves will give you just that, opening up a whole new world of storage for: 

  • Fishing poles

  • Baseball bats

  • Camping gear

  • That cutout of Dwayne Johnson that motivates you to lift a little more each day

8. Build Storage Towers to Organize Bins

You know how that stack of storage bins just keeps growing and growing? You used to be able to access each bin easily, but now getting to that bottom bin is an undertaking you’d rather avoid. Well, we’re here to save you from that. Building custom storage towers allows you to easily access your storage bins—without taking up too much more space. Now you can throw everything you need for baseball practice into one dedicated, accessible bin and tuck it in your car in minutes.

Organize Your Sports Equipment with Flow Wall

Your partner has been begging you to actually start putting that pickleball set to use—and now you’ll have no excuse! We’ve bestowed our top garage sports equipment storage tips upon you. So go forth, get to organizing! 

Flow Wall has everything you need for your garage sports storage solutions. Shop today to find hooks, bins, panels, cabinets, and more.