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Garage Spring Cleaning: Tips for Making It Achievable

Garage Spring Cleaning: Tips for Making It Achievable
By Flow Wall
March 22, 2018

With spring coming, many people think of spring cleaning their homes and how nice it will be to spend time outside. Many people forget that spring also means it's time to tackle the dirty, overflowing-with-winter-stuff garage. You may be surprised to see how much dirt and clutter has built up in your garage over the winter months. Cleaning and organizing your garage may seem like an undesirable and overwhelming task, but if you have the right motivation you can quickly complete the task. We've compiled a list of ideas and tips for helping you with your garage spring cleaning. Here are some garage organization ideas and spring cleaning tips to get you motivated so you can get your gear in order.

Clear Away the Clutter

No one likes going in a garage that has every corner and shelf piled high with junk. Take the time to clear away all the unused, unneeded, unloved clutter. It will feel so good and freeing that you'll wonder why it took you so long to get around to doing it. Items to get rid of include grown-out-of sports gear, multiple sets of tools (you only need one good set), hand-me-down furniture, and ugly holiday decorations. If the things you no longer want to store still have a lot of life to them, make a drop off to a second-hand store. Otherwise, it might be time to just toss them in the trash. Just be sure to properly dispose of hazardous items (motor oil, paint, etc.). Garage Organization DIY Idea: If you find yourself having a hard time getting rid of things that hold sentimental value, take pictures of them. You will still enjoy keeping the memory without it taking up precious real estate.

Sweep Away the Cobwebs

Now that your clutter is cleared out it's time to clean up the cobwebs. Dirty corners are a haven for insects and pests, both of which are nasty neighbors to have living in your garage. Take a broom and start high at the ceiling and work your way down the walls and finally sweep the floor. If you have the time and willpower, scrubbing your concrete will make a world of difference. Mix a concentrated concrete degreaser with water (please follow the instruction label) in a large bucket. Pour a bit of it onto a section of your garage floor, let it sit for a couple of minutes, and then scrub using a deck brush (not a push broom). Follow up with a good rinsing with a high-pressure nozzle attached to a garden hose and then move on to the next section. Let the floor dry completely before parking on it. Garage Organization DIY Idea: Go the extra mile by painting unfinished walls and sealing your concrete floor. You'll be amazed at how much cleaner your space will look (and stay) and how much better it will feel.

Pack Up Out-of-Season Stuff

When winter ends, so does the need for winter gear at the forefront of your garage. Let's get all the bulky boards and boots put out of the way so you can make room for spring gear. High shelves and hooks are a great place for long-term storage. Not only will your gear be safe up there from scuffs and scrapes, but you will also avoid gear tumbling and falling on to you. Garage Organization DIY Idea: Create a high-quality ski rack simply by adding garage storage hooks and a large soft storage bins (for gloves, hats, etc.) to a Flow Wall panel. If you also snowboard and snowshoe, use the sports equipment storage hook bundle to take care of all your winter gear storage needs.

Keep Needed Items Within Reach...But Out of Sight

Now you can focus on organizing your everyday garage items. Say goodbye to the days of cardboard boxes, cheap plastic tubs, and everything scattered everywhere. Invest in sturdy off-the-floor garage wall cabinets that can tuck all your stuff away and out of sight. This sleek, streamlined storage system makes your garage feel more like an extension of your home rather than a dingy, disorganized mess. Garage Organization DIY Idea: Purchase a variety of modular pieces to allow for maximum storage space and to give everything a specific place. Assign a particular cabinet or drawer for each member of the family so they can be responsible for their own stuff. This spring, give yourself the gift of a grand garage. With these garage organization ideas and spring cleaning tips, you can. It may seem like a daunting task at first but once you get started you may find it to be much easier than you anticipated.