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10 Mudroom Design Ideas That Discourage Clutter

10 Mudroom Design Ideas That Discourage Clutter
By Flow Wall
February 14, 2021

Yet because the mudroom is meant to be a place to corral all the messes, it gets, well...messy. Fast. Mind-blowingly fast. And then you’re tripping around over boots and backpacks and can’t actually find anything you stored away in there—which kind of defeats the purpose of the space.


Luckily, there are a few genius solutions to help you use your mudroom to the fullest potential. Get out your pencils, design students. It’s time to get organized with these truly inspired mudroom design ideas.

What Is a Mudroom?

First, let’s set things straight. A mudroom is a second entrance to the home, usually designed as a place to casually drop your muddy or wet clothing before making your way into the main part of the home. It’s meant to add much-needed storage and prevent messes from trickling out into the rest of the house. (Though we know whoever had that theory was dreaming.)

Why Is a Mudroom So Hard to Keep Neat?

It’s the question we’ve been mulling over into the wee hours of the night: Why is a mudroom so hard to keep neat?



Well, since you’re dropping all of your messes here, it makes perfect sense that it’s going to be the area that becomes a safety hazard in the blink of an eye. For most people, the mudroom doesn’t stay neat because they don’t have an intentional plan for storing and managing all of their belongings. 

Mudroom Design Ideas

With the right systems, the mudroom can be the glorious invention it was designed to be. Check out these pro tips on how to design a mudroom that stays neat and organized. (Really!)

1. Make It Easy to Hide Clutter

You’re shuffling from work to school drop-off to dinner party soirées. You’re living your life. Clutter’s going to happen, and the key is to find a way to hide it. Design your mudroom to include baskets and bins, containers and closets—because if you have a place to put it, that means it won’t end up on the ground.

2. Separate the Mudroom from the Entryway

The mudroom is meant to be a space away from your home’s main entryway, so if you’re setting up shop by the front door, you’ve got it all wrong. The main entrance is your place to wow friends and family with your sophistication and cleanliness! (Or at least the place where your guests shouldn’t have to see wet raincoats and a pile of shoes.) Instead, design your mudroom in the garage or near the side door where you can discreetly plop your mess. 

3. Designate Spots for Each Item of Clothing

No matter the weather, there’s probably a lot going on in your mudroom: mittens, scarves, snow boots, pool towels, running shoes—you get the idea. Set yourself up for success by designating a spot for each item of clothing, like hooks for hats and coats, bins for mittens and socks, and other accessories.

4. Keep Cleaning Supplies Nearby

As the name suggests, the mudroom is the place where mud and grime and other mysterious glop are going to pile up. So make it easy on yourself by keeping all your cleaning supply all-stars within arm’s reach. If you don’t have to make your way across the house to clean up, your mudroom will be more likely to stay clean.

5. Install a Sink

Every mudroom deserves a deep utility sink with a powerful hose. Once you have one, you’ll be amazed you ever lived without. The uses for a mudroom sink are truly endless: Clean off your shoes, soak dirty dishes, set up your mopping station, rinse paints and dyes, soak stubborn laundry stains, and on and on!

6. Add Seating

Ever feel like you’re getting in a full CrossFit workout just trying to get your boots and coat on? If so, we don’t really need to talk you into adding seating to your mudroom. Whether you design a built-in bench or add a pretty vintage chair, you’ll always be glad to have a place to sit while you wrestle with a pair of shoes.

7. Choose Durable Rugs

Rugs are a great way to add interest to your mudroom, soak up moisture from wet shoes, and prevent slipping. But these rugs are going to get trampled on at least a couple times a day. Be smart and don’t buy anything too precious. Instead, invest in durable rugs that can take a beating. Bonus if they’re washing-machine friendly!

8. Take Advantage of Wall Space

Don’t have the space to design a massive mudroom? Don’t worry—even a petite mudroom can be totally functional with smart design choices. Take advantage of your walls to exponentially increase storage space, adding hooks, shelves, and cabinets to store all of your gear.

9. Combine with the Laundry Room

The mudroom is often the landing spot for dirty clothes. So why not combine the laundry and the mudroom, for one cleaning and laundering supercenter? Simply install hooks, benches, and baskets on one side of the room, then your washer, dryer, and laundry baskets on the other. (Yes, we impress ourselves.)

10. Create Cubbies

Whether you live with a spouse, a dog, or a slew of kids, you’ll never regret building cubbies for each family member to drop their coats, shoes, and bags when they get home. You can even go the budget-friendly route by bringing in second-hand lockers for a quirky, vintage twist. However you go about it, zoning your storage areas is always a wise move.

Organize Your Mudroom with Flow Wall

Your mudroom doesn’t have to be dangerous territory. Keep it organized and beautiful by implementing these 10 mudroom design ideas—and getting all the essential organizing supplies at Flow Wall. From cabinets and bins to hooks and wall panels, we have everything you need to design a clutter-free mudroom.