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Create your own mudroom in your garage

By Flow Wall
August 3, 2015

Mudrooms are useful little spaces usually found near the entryway of a house, but not all homes are built with enough room to set aside for dirty boots, shoes and umbrellas. So save yourself the hassle of cleaning up mud or damp coats by creating your very own space in your garage or laundry room. Besides, keeping your mudroom near your garage door will make sweeping up after dirt and debris a lot easier than if it's tracked in on a rug or carpet near your front door. All you'll need is a little space, the right furniture and an eye for how you'd like to design it. Another good thing about using your garage for a mudroom is that your garage shelves can also be used to store your soiled items. So, let's get started!

Coat racks and lockers

A coat rack will be the first essential item on your list to purchase as you'll need somewhere to put all those wet raincoats and snow-covered parkas. Want to go with a rustic feel? A dark-stained wood with black, wrought iron hangers could add an old-school vibe to your garage. A similar one with the wood backboard painted white would go nicely with a colonial-style house, too. However, contemporary-looking mudroom lockers with chrome hooks will look great in a mid-century modern home.

Bins and baskets

Now that you have a place to hang your hat and coat, it's time to think about what to do with the muddy boots and wet galoshes. Wicker or cloth baskets that will fit into the lower drawers of your mudroom lockers can easily keep the dirt and dust out of the way. Plastic bins, though, could be the most convenient option if you want easy cleanup. To get unsightly shoes away from your guests' view, put your boots or shoes in overhead bins that can attach to wall panels. Or, for a more organized approach, install a cabinet with easy pull-down drawers that can fit cleats and other footwear.


You and your family will need a steady surface to pull off your boots when you come in from the cold. A nicely crafted wood one will allow you to get every snowy layer of clothing off without being as cold to the touch as a metal seat. Move the bench right next to the wall where your coat rack is attached so you can have everything in the same space.


Don't forget about a welcome mat! It'll receive the most use year-round. Make sure the threshold to your house isn't tarnished with mud or rainwater by setting out a couple of floor mats. Place a heavy-duty boot scraper right outside your garage door and two softer mats - one under your bench and one in front of your garage entryway door. This way the elements won't stand a chance of invading your home by hitching a ride on a shoe, coat or hat. For more customized garage storage solutions and tips, read our post on the collaboration between Flow Wall and Dave Kindig.