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X RV Garage Ideas in 2021

X RV Garage Ideas in 2021
By Flow Wall
July 14, 2021

But when you’re tripping over golf clubs and stumbling into artificial Christmas trees as you make your way around the garage, you may be ready for some garage overhead storage space.

Learning how to build overhead garage shelves is the best option here―you could also invest in premade storage racks or try some other easy garage storage rack DIY projects.

Now brace yourself! Your garage time is about to get a whole lot better with these genius garage overhead storage ideas.

1. Motorized Garage Storage Hoist

Want to keep your gear out of the way but still have easy access to whatever you need whenever you need it? The motorized garage storage hoist is one of those brilliant inventions we wish we’d come up with first. Using a pulley system, you can secure tubs of camping gear, seasonal decor, or anything else, so it’s stored overhead but can be reached without the need for a ladder.

Vertical bike hooks are a great way to hang one, or even many, bikes

2. Bike Lift Hoist

If you’re a serious biker, you probably don’t want your baby rubbing shoulders with the baseball bats and garden rakes. Keep your precious bike safely stowed away with the bike lift hoist—the bike counterpart to the motorized garage storage hoist. Similarly, you’ll have quick access to your bike any time you’re ready to ride.

3. SUP and Surfboard Ceiling Storage

Got the need for a quick morning surf sesh before you hit the office? First of all, we’re insanely jealous. Second of all, we’ve got the ideal storage solution for you. The SUP and surfboard ceiling storage will stow your bulky boards out of the way, so you will have plenty of room for parking your car, setting up a tool bench, or whatever else it is you do in your garage. And if you’re not a golden-tanned surfer brah? It works well for storing other gear, too.

Pots, garden hoses, and watering cans can be neatly organized on these metal bracket shelves

4. DIY Garage Overhead Shelf

Ready to try your hand at a bigger DIY project? Instructables has outlined a DIY garage overhead shelf that’s sure to maximize space in even the smallest garage. So pull out the power tools and get to work! You’ll just be itching to hit up REI once you’ve polished off the final beam.

Storing camping gear is a piece of cake with a handy starter storage system

5. Suspended Garage Shelves

Strongtie offers another DIY solution for overhead garage tote storage. This option can be customized to fit the size of your garage and should only take a weekend to complete. (Hey, we said should—but don’t hold us to it. Putting in the elbow grease to get the job done will definitely save you money and allow you to get the perfect dimensions when it comes to utilizing your space).

6. Lattice Rack

Okay, not everyone has the power tools or willpower to take on a serious DIY garage rack. For you, we have a most excellent alternative. Head to the hardware store, pick up some plastic lattice (you know, the kind your grandma uses for her rose garden) and 2x4 cleats. Then, install the cleats on the upper wall of your garage, cut the lattice into equal triangles, and voila—you have yourself the perfect storage for long pieces of wood, rakes, PVC pipe, and other odds and ends. 

7. Overhead Sling

An overhead sling is another piece of equipment that’s easy to install and will totally transform your garage storage space. Use it to store canoes, kayaks, and all those other bulky sporting items that are giving you grief. It doesn’t get simpler (or cheaper) than this.

Deck Out Your Garage Overhead Storage Today

Doing any DIY overhead garage storage brackets are one thing, but installing Flow Wall garage storage cabinets and accessories will take your space to the next level of organization and functionality. Be the envy of the neighborhood with your Flow Wall bins, brackets, wall paneling, and more. Check out our selection of customized garage storage solutions today.