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Flow Wall has Just What Your Man Cave Needs!

By Flow Wall
October 2, 2015

Over the last few decades, men have been losing their spaces. Women have long dictated the design of the home space; and even as traditional gender roles evolve and men find themselves spending more and more time at home, women still tend to dominate home decor. On top of that, men have seen their other spaces, like bars and boxing gyms, get turned into gender neutral hubs that everyone can enjoy. Because of this, the man cave "was born out of necessity" says comedian and host of the home improvement podcast "Ace On the House" Adam Carolla. As men lose their external spaces and become increasingly more involved in home life, having a room to call their own is essential. If you're ready to begin building your man cave, but don't know how to start, Flow Wall can help. We'll tell you why a simple Flow Wall kit is all you need to get started using the best design guidelines for creating the manliest spaces.

1. Simplify Your Options

Men generally prefer to deal with fewer options "they don't tend to like it when there are too many possibilities," says Nick Nemecheck, one half of the duo that started TRNK (pronounced "trunk"), a men's website and magazine dedicated to masculine design. Flow Wall's simplicity, not only in terms of design, but also installation, makes it an easy place to start your man cave construction. And the structure of Flow Wall pieces makes it easy to add or subtract elements from your space.

2. Quality and Durability Guaranteed

The quality of a furniture piece should always be a high priority when designing a room, but men tend to put more stock in the construction and durability of a piece than women. Understanding how products are made and trusting that they can handle some rough use is important to men. We need to know we can actually use the furniture we have without worrying about the item getting damaged or broken.

3. Grayscale is King

Finding the right color combinations for your space can be difficult, especially since many of us lack an eye for color. That's why the men at TRNK made it simple by defining one golden rule: avoid pastels. If you are looking for a little more guidance, try sticking with the grayscale. White, black, and gray should dominate the space. This keeps your man cave clean and minimalistic. Flow Wall's black and carbon fiber pieces fit perfectly into this color scheme. Look to primary hues to add some color throughout the space so that it doesn't feel too stark.

4. Look for Strong Lines

To give your space a masculine feel, avoid curves and opt for strong lines and sharp angles. Square tables and geometric furniture fit well in a manly space. The sleek, strong design of Flow Wall's products easily fulfill this need. Strong cabinets that hang on a horizontally lined panel will make your space look clean and masculine with little effort spent shopping for furniture on your part.

5. Create More Space

Man caves are often built in small, extra rooms, like garages and sheds. This means guys need to be creative about how they organize their space. Flow Wall utilizes vertical storage, which takes items off the floor and puts them on the wall. This maximizes floor space so you have more room for that garage workstation or weight bench.


The spaces that men can call their own are changing, but the importance of having those spaces is perhaps more important than ever. Designing your man cave shouldn't be a daunting task, it should be an exciting time during which you get to build your dream room. Whether you want to use that space to work on DIY projects, get in shape, or relax doing your favorite hobbies, Flow Wall is the perfect tool to get you started, and Flow Wall has just what your man cave needs. Sources http://blog.indochino.com/trnk-ny-home/http://blog.indochino.com/masculine-home/http://www.menshealth.com/best-life/man-cave