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Transform your garage into a home gaming center

By Flow Wall
March 16, 2015

Even with all of the freedom that comes with being an adult, it can still seem impossible to leave the house and have a fun night out on the town. Whether it's due to stress from work or having young children that need constant supervision, one's home can sometimes feel more like a prison than a castle. If you can't manage to make it out every now and then, that doesn't mean you can't stay in and have the time of your life. One of the best ways to create a fun and exciting time at home is to turn your garage into a gaming center.

Clear away clutter

Unless you have a four-car garage and no cars, chances are you'll have to clear away some clutter to make room for you and your friends to play. By carefully mounting brooms, rakes and shovels on wall hooks and by storing loose paint cans, tools and sporting equipment in your garage cabinets, you can create ample space to play darts or lay down some boards for a game of indoor Bags (aka corn hole). If you're feeling adventurous, find old arcade cabinets online and place them in the corner.

Put a gaming table in there

Once you've cleared away all the clutter and organized the garage, you should have more than enough room to incorporate that oversized gaming table you've been putting off buying since it won't fit inside the house. This is the perfect time to finally buy that poker, foosball, ping pong, air hockey or pool table - wall hooks also work great for holding cue sticks.

Add aesthetic touches

Garages can be a dingy place. Spruce up yours by hanging decorative signs or flashing lights that can give the room that casino, bar or arcade feel. Some plotted plants can add a lively flare too. Since this gaming room should act as an escape from the tedium of everyday hassles, be sure to add extra comfortable chairs or a couch. But even simple additions, like a mini fridge or a few posters, can go a long way in making the garage more friendly and inviting.

Once you have your new gaming center set up to your specifications, you should install wall panels and then hang up handy bins in strategic locations to store all of the game pieces without losing vital parts. All that's left is to invite some friends over, order a few pizzas and get gaming.