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Tips for keeping a pool table in the garage

Tips for keeping a pool table in the garage
By Flow Wall
May 14, 2015

If you've discovered a recent urge to shoot more pool on a consistent basis, you may be wondering how to fit a pool table into your house. Luckily, after cleaning up your garage with new wall cabinets, you may have more room than you previously imagined. Can a pool table fit in the garage? The answer to this question relies a lot on your geographical location. Read our guide below to make sure that your garage is pool-friendly so that you can enjoy the benefits of this game in your newly reclaimed garage.

Consider the climate

The rule of thumb for whether or not a pool table can fit in a garage is simple: If your need to store your pool table next to a snowblower,it is probably too cold. However, there are ways around this. If you have a heated garage or want to heat your garage with a space heater through the winter months, you could keep a pool table in the garage indefinitely.

Get the right materials

Make sure that your pool table is regulation size and has at least 48 - 58 inches of clear space around it. This ensures that anyone who is playing pool in your space will be able to line up a clean, fair shot. If you haven't been able to clean up your garage to the extent necessary to get this kind of clearance, we recommend wall storage to keep your things off of the floor. Depending on how big your garage is, it should even be possible for a car to fit inside the garage while you're playing pool.

The kind of pool table you want is slate. Especially for installation in a garage, slate pool tables offer the highest quality. Further, if you are interested in practicing your trick shots for eventual entry into a professional pool players' hall of fame, you'll need to get used to slate surfaces. Slate is also the most durable, and it won't get completely ruined when one of your friends spills beer all over the table. That alone should make it a high priority for anyone installing a pool table in their garage.

Remember that the standard size for a pool table is seven feet wide. If you go over or under this you will be a little out of sorts when you go out to the bar to play against strangers. Larger tables are generally considered to be more challenging, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they aren't fun for practice at home. You would need a truly large garage in order to be able to fit an eight foot pool table inside it, however.

Once you've got your pool table set up, invite your friends over and get a couple of games in. Be sure that your floor can withstand the weight of a large group of humans first, though - the table weighs as much as five people, so you'll want to reinforce the floor if this is being put on the upper floor of a garage.