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The many benefits of adjustable shelving

The many benefits of adjustable shelving
By Flow Wall
May 6, 2014

Storage options come in many shapes and sizes. Whether you're organizing your garage to make room for sports equipment or straightening up your laundry room, the possibilities seem endless. But one fantastic feature you should consider when looking for the best storage system for your home is the ability to adjust it to fit your needs. Here are just a few of the benefits of an adjustable wall mount storage system:

A system that grows with your kids

Having storage options that you can adjust is ideal when you have kids in the house. When they are young, you can place cabinets and shelves up high so they can't pull anything down and hurt themselves or create a mess. But as they age, you can give them more responsibility by installing lower cabinets on your wall system so they can keep their toys and school supplies close at hand. You can even add shelves for seasonal clothes or sports equipment.

Replace your dresser with a functional closet

Another benefit of adjustable shelving units is that you can turn any space, no matter its size, into a fully functional closet. If the closet in your bedroom is full of hangers and piles of items, organize that space in a snap with a wall mount system complete with decor cubes for your sweaters and pants, hooks for your coats, belts and ties, and shelves for your winter items. You can outfit your newly renovated closet with attractive decorative bins in different sizes to hold all your accessories so everything is neat and easy to find.

Your pantry's full potential

Rather than storing your items in a jumble in your pantry, install a storage system with adjustable shelves so your younger children can reach their favorite snacks. Shelf dividers organize the space and make finding specific ingredients a snap. If you buy something in bulk, you can easily adjust the shelves to accommodate it.

Create a custom media center

If your family loves music and movies, you probably have a media cabinet that holds your TV, stereo and DVDs or video games. Opt for a shelving unit that adjusts to accommodate all your equipment. This way, you can feel comfortable investing in the newest products because you'll be able to move shelves around to fit everything you need.

A neat and tidy garage

Organizing your garage might seem like a daunting task, but with the right wall mount storage it will be a breeze. You can install tall cabinets for items like ski equipment and other sports accessories. Shorter cabinets with countertops work great if someone in your family is into crafting. Adjustable shelves and hooks can hold bikes, seasonal items and auto supplies that you don't use all the time, but need close at hand just in case.