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San Francisco Day School Finds Order With Flow Wall

San Francisco Day School Finds Order With Flow Wall
By Flow Wall
December 16, 2016

Teachers at the San Francisco Day School were fed up with the state of their classrooms. Minimal storage and excess clutter created an environment that made it hard for teachers to teach and students to learn. So during a recent renovation, the school turned to Flow Wall for a solution. The final result was better than anything they could have hoped for.

Before Flow Wall

Prior to the renovation, many of the San Francisco Day School's rooms lacked organization and order. Open shelving units displayed an array of study materials, crafts, papers, boxes and various other clutter. Lack of counter space prevented teachers from having additional workspace and poor classroom design left students crammed in a small space that was not conducive to an ideal learning environment.

Before Flow Wall

In fact, researchers at the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute found that clutter similar to that which plagued the San Francisco Day School classrooms can actually negatively affect a student's ability to focus and process information. The study found that once this clutter was cleared, cleaned, and organize not only did the student's attention rate improve, but classroom behavior improved as well. Thus, the administration at San Francisco Day School decided to confront this issue during a school-wide renovation. After discovering Flow Wall's versatile, customizable systems, they knew immediately that they'd found a solution to the issue of chronic disorganization.

After Flow Wall

Both teachers and students were amazed at the difference the Flow Wall system made. Not only was the clutter out of sight, but Flow Wall's versatility brought optimal organization to the space because it provided a designated place for everything.

After Flow Wall Second ViewAfter Flow Wall

"We are pleased to see how many possibilities exist to use the Flow Wall system for educational purposes. Teachers are just beginning to understand how versatile and flexible the systems are," said Danny DeLeon, Director of Facilities at San Francisco Day School. "The Flow Wall system allows us to utilize any wall for storage or display. We are also happy that teachers themselves can move the cabinets to desired locations, as they see fit, to fit the needs of their classrooms. We look forward to discovering more benefits and possibilities as the year unfolds." Some of the benefits of having a Flow Wall system integrated into the room's design include:

  • It helps the space command reverence, giving a similar allusion to that of a museum.
  • It makes the classroom inviting and welcoming.
  • It resembles a symbol of respect - respect for learning, each other, and property.
  • It makes teachers feel more confident, influential, and in control.
  • It helps create a calm environment that cultivates learning and focusing.
  • It gives the students something to be proud of.

Thanks to the Flow Wall system, teachers, and students at San Francisco Day School are able to enjoy a clutter free environment and aids in both teaching and learning. With priceless advantages, more Flow Wall systems are expected to make their way into classroom designs across the nation, bringing order and organization to the world of education.