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Organizing the Madness: Chris Duffin’s Flow Wall Garage

Organizing the Madness: Chris Duffin’s Flow Wall Garage
By Jordan Henrie
January 30, 2023

Watch Chris Duffin transform his garage into the ideal workspace where he can keep his tools safe and easy to access.


Chris Duffin is a professional strength athlete, the creator of Kabuki Strength and Bearfoot Shoes, and an avid off-road enthusiast that is passionate about vehicle building. However, as Chris’ gear collection and needs grew, he needed a better way to organize his space—enter Flow Wall.


The Flow Wall system is a modular slat wall system that you can customize to fit any space or need. It’s great for storing and organizing your stuff.

With the help of Flow Wall, Chris was able to design a garage storage system that works for him, his lifestyle, and all of his gear. 

You, too, can create a functional, beautiful, and organized space using the right materials. And if you are looking for more inspiration on how to use Flow Wall in your home or business, check out the video on Chris’s YouTube channel!


In addition to organizing your garage, Flow Wall makes it easy to find what you need

With everything in one place and labeled, Chris can quickly find the tools he needs for his many projects. He can also easily reach for the right paint color or shelf bracket without spending time searching through piles of equipment strewn around the garage. 

In addition, because his entire tool collection is accessible at once, Chris can use downtime while coming up with ideas for his next project!

Thanks to Flow Wall, Chris can focus on what matters most—creating content, pushing the limits, and helping others do the same.


You can find Chris Duffin on YouTube, where he focuses on his journey as a professional strength athlete and all the struggles that come with it. 

The most important thing for Chris is ensuring he has the space to create content and push himself. Chris uses Flow Wall in his garage to help him create beautiful videos of his training sessions and share them with the world! 

We’re proud to help Chris, and his fans achieve their fitness and organization goals most efficiently. The Flow Wall storage system has allowed him to organize his garage in a way that makes sense for him, and we look forward to seeing what he does next!