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Organization & Spider Prevention: Tips To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Garage

Organization & Spider Prevention: Tips To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Garage
By Flow Wall
August 15, 2018

Is your garage filled with creepy crawlies and cobwebs? The sight of a spider crawling up a wall or across your sports gear and storage closets can be startling, to say the least. Garages are attractive to spiders: they tend to be dark, cluttered, and provide a warm home in the winter and a refuge from summer heat. While spiders generally aren't harmful to humans, most homeowners don't consider them welcome guests. If you aren't comfortable with eight-legged intruders crawling around your garage, the best strategy is to keep them away in the first place. With a few simple tricks, spider prevention is possible. Learn how to keep spiders out of your garage with the following tips.

1. Remove Pests

The first step you can take to keep spiders out of your garage is to rid it of bugs and other pests. Spiders feed on insects, so if you eliminate their food supply, they will have little incentive to come inside and stick around. Try using spraying insecticide along the floor inside and outside of your garage. Keep food in airtight containers, and clean up spills immediately. If these measures don't help, call an exterminator to rid your garage of spiders and insects.

2. Clean Up

After you've taken steps to remove pests, do a deep clean in your garage. This can help eliminate nests, dirt, grime, and any hiding places you may have missed. Sweep the floors, clean up grime and debris, and remove spilled food. Dry up any moisture you find and move any firewood you store in the garage outside. When you are cleaning your garage, it may be a good idea to remove everything from your garage first so you can ensure you get it thoroughly cleaned.

3. Eliminate Clutter

The best thing to keep spiders away is to organize your garage storage and clear out the clutter. As you clean your garage, use the opportunity to go through items you store and get rid of anything you don't need or use. This is a great opportunity to consolidate and organize your stuff. It's important to keep the organization ongoing, however, so consider investing in garage storage cabinets to keep things organized.

4. Recycle Cardboard Containers

The key to spider prevention is removing places for them to hide and build webs. Piles of cardboard boxes are attractive hiding places for spiders and other pests. Recycle any unused boxes, and take your items out of cardboard storage and place them in cupboards or garage storage bins with tight lids that spiders and bugs can't get into.

5. Check Your Garage Door and Windows

Make sure your garage door doesn't provide any openings for spiders to crawl inside. Does the door close all the way to the ground? Is the weather stripping intact all the way around the door? If not, creepy crawlers are sure to take advantage of the open door. Also, make sure any windows close tightly and are fitted with screens. Keep the garage door and windows closed as much as possible.

6. Check for Cracks

Look along the foundation of your garage and along the walls for any holes, cracks, or gaps. Most of these imperfections can be fixed easily on your own with caulk, but bigger damage might require the expertise of a contractor.

7. Spray Spider Repellent

If all your efforts in spider prevention fail, it might be time to turn to chemicals. You can buy an insecticide specially made to repel spiders. Make sure to follow directions carefully and keep an eye on your children and pets. Spray along floors, walls, and windows, or anywhere you've noticed spiders. If you want to avoid chemicals, buy tea tree oil, peppermint, or lavender essential oils from the health store and mix a few drops with a spray bottle filled with water. If you're wondering how to keep spiders out of your garage, start with the above steps. Be diligent in keeping your garage clean, uncluttered, organized, and closed off and you'll be spider-free in no time.