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Materials to consider when building a garage

By Flow Wall
February 2, 2015

Whether you're building a garage from scratch or renovating one you already have, the materials you use for this space will be a major part of your considerations. You want the room to be solid, keep utility costs low and look nice, so researching material options is a good idea. From the floors to your garage storage system, here's a look at the features you'll have to assess and the materials you can use to build them:


Most garage floors are made of concrete or cement. The material is strong enough to support the weight of a vehicle, and the look of it won't be ruined by some tire marks or oil spills. However, you can choose the finish for your floors. Certain coatings allow you to make your garage more decorative (racing checkers anyone?) or resist stains, so while it's not necessary, many homeowners prefer them. Made of epoxy, coatings come in several types. Here are a few finish options:

Water-based: Water-based epoxies are popular for homeowners who plan to apply the finish themselves. Because it's water-based, you don't have to worry about it drying before you finish applying it to your concrete. In fact, adding water-based epoxy to your floors is almost like painting a wall, and these products are often advertised as "epoxy paint."

High-solids: In high-solid epoxy, a large percentage of the product is the epoxy itself, which means it's best at resisting stains and damage. Commercial-grade versions tend to be 100 percent epoxy. With a shorter pot life and thicker formula, high-solid epoxies are more difficult to apply.

Garage storage

When you redo or build a garage, you want to include as many bonus features as you can. A garage storage system adds more space to keep your belongings and ensures your room is clutter-free. What's more, garage storage is a popular option for homeowners who keep tools for gardening or working on cars in the room. Just like with your floors, you have options when it comes to selecting your storage materials. The appearance of your wall cabinets may not have as many practical uses as the epoxy on your floors, but they still add a personal touch to your space. Here are a few options for your storage components:

Maple: For the appearance of wood, maple cabinets are a great option. They have the durability of PVC but with the luxury of a facade. If you want your garage to feel like a lovely mudroom or other alternative space, this might be the best choice for you.

Metal: A more industrial take on organization, metal cabinets are perfect for a workshop or everyday storage. They are sleek and simple.

Black or white: A simple black or white facade is perfect for a utilitarian garage. If you just plan to use the room to store your vehicles and a few other supplies, the standard look is perfect.

By updating your floors and garage storage cabinets, you can create a space that helps you accomplish whatever you need to. From storing belongings to making a workspace, garages are a multi-functional room.