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Managing your pool equipment with Flow Wall

By Flow Wall
July 15, 2014

Lounging next to your own private pool in your backyard is one of the best things about summer. Without the need to worry about the noise or commotion of a community pool or public beach, your pool is your very own oasis for relaxation under the summer sun. However, a lot goes into the proper management of a backyard pool. From cleaning supplies and chemicals to rafts and deck chairs, a pool house can quickly become haphazard and cluttered. Avoid all this confusion with Flow Wall's innovative wall mount storage. The Flow Wall system can be infinitely customized through a variety of add-ons such as cube shelves and wall cabinets. Here is what you will need to organize your pool house for maximum efficiency:

Wall Storage Panel

Every Flow Wall system starts with a Wall Storage Panel, and a pool house solution is no different. As the name implies, Flow Wall products attach to specially made paneling that is mounted on the wall. These panels come in a range of different dimensions in order to fit the needs of a variety of projects. As such, the first step is to measure out the dimensions of your pool house walls to determine the kind of panel you will need. The panels come in three finishes: silver, white or maple, giving you the opportunity to mix and match your products according to your taste.

Chemical storage

Depending on the specific needs of your pool, you are liable to have many different chemicals for maintaining the water's pH as well as killing any algae or microorganism growth. Store these solutions in a wall cabinet in order to keep them organized and out of harm's way. If you have young children, consider purchasing a lock in order to prevent them from getting into the maintenance supplies and hurting themselves.

Tools and toys

Small pool toys such as sinkers, balls and torpedoes can be stored in a hard or soft bin. Goggles, snorkels and any other small- to medium-sized pool accessories fit great in these Flow Wall additions. Larger items such as skimming nets and rafts can often be hung on hooks attached to your wall storage unit. Meanwhile, deflated rafts and noodles can go in a large wall cabinet.

Every pool is different and thus requires a unique storage solution. Fortunately, the diverse range of customization options offered by Flow Wall means you are sure to find exactly the piece you need to make sure your pool house stays organized and clutter-free.