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Landscaping 101: Basic steps to transforming your yard

By Flow Wall
July 24, 2014

The lot upon which your house sits is just as aesthetically important as the home itself. The right landscaping can give your yard a complete look that makes your home feel cozy, elegant, exotic or inviting. If you've been thinking of giving your lawn a facelift, you're in luck - summer is the perfect time to start a landscaping project! Of course, you'll need a few pointers to get you started.

Dream big, plan realistically

Before you so much as lift a shovel off your garage shelves, you have to plan your landscape. This early step comes in two parts: brainstorming and mapping. To start, gather all the inspirational images you can find and identify what it is about those gardens that you like. For example, do you like the cypress trees because they remind you of when you traveled to Greece? Do you seem to be drawn to bright flowers? During this stage, don't worry about what will or won't work with your home, just have fun!

The planning part of landscaping is where you have to do a reality check. Note how much space you have to work with, the climate in which you live and how much time you have to devote to maintenance. If you don't want to spend all day outside, you may want to avoid including roses in your landscaping design, as these plants are notoriously time-consuming to grow. Make a list of all these practical things to refer to later.

Map your yard

You may find that drawing an image of your yard (to scale) will help you plan your planting. A map will show you exactly how much room you have and give you an idea of the layout of your yard. Consider printing several blank images of your yard so you can sketch out numerous ideas, moving features around as you go. Once you solidify which layout is your favorite, draw a clean copy.

Plant according to your surroundings

When you do map out your yard, consider placing flower beds, trees patios, etc., based on your lot's natural layout. For example, if you have a hilly spot, plant flowers around it. Follow the curves and topography of your yard and make the most of native plants. The tall grass on the edge of your property can become a deliberate landscaping choice.

Additionally, make sure your design goes well with your home, patio or deck. Plan walkways along the paths you most commonly use.

Gather your supplies

After all the planning is complete, you can finally pick up that shovel. Head to the hardware store to get any tools you need, then visit a nursery to purchase plants. The staff at the nursery is sure to have plenty of gardening tips to ensure your landscaping retains its beauty long after you've packed the dirt.

Stay organized

Completing your landscape won't happen overnight, which is why you should stay organized. Over the course of your project, you'll be moving your tools, looking for plants and watering the garden. Knowing where everything is will help you find your tools when you need them. Flow Wall has numerous garage wall storage options certain to get your landscaping in order.