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How to set up a paint station in your garage

By Flow Wall
July 31, 2014

If you're like most homeowners, there's a part of your basement or garage devoted to stacks of old paint cans, rollers, brushes, mixing sticks and paint chips. Letting all these paint supplies sit in a pile, however, isn't the most organized or clutter-free display. Fortunately, getting your belongings in order is fairly easy. Besides, once you've stored all your paint supplies in a thoughtful manner, you'll actually know where everything is - it's a beautiful thing.

We have a few tips for you on how to set up an easy-to-access paint station right in your garage. Using garage storage systems from Flow Wall, your space will transform into a work station straight out of a home magazine:

Set up a mixing station

The entirety of your paint station can revolve around a set of wall cabinets, shelves, counters and hooks. The Five Piece Deluxe Cabinet Set from Flow Wall includes all of these components, which hang on a wall-mounted panel. You can configure the components any way you want so that they fit the shape of your garage and the way you like to work.

If you're in need of a space in which to mix paints and pour them into a tray, then your Flow Wall equipment configuration should feature counters. Use the pieces from the Deluxe set to form a counter using low-hanging cabinets with a top surface. The counter comes up to a comfortable waist height, allowing you to work efficiently.

Store your supplies

Once you set up your cabinets neatly to form a counter, your garage storage will be ready to go. You can place all of your paint buckets, painter's tarps, paint trays, etc., in the cabinets, which conceal the objects from sight.

Consider placing your rollers in a drawer - these tools are oddly shaped and don't stay neatly stacked on a shelf. Storing them in a drawer keeps them all together. Mixing sticks would also stay organized if left in a drawer.

Stash your brushes

Your paint brushes should be within eyesight so that grabbing the right one is easy. You don't want to have to dig for your favorite brush when you're trying to get your paint project going. That's why Flow Wall developed a handy device to store metal tools: the Magnet Hook. It's a long strip of metal that locks onto the wall panel. The metal holds a strong magnet that will keep objects sturdily in place. At 22 inches long, the Magnet Hook will be able to neatly store all of your paint brushes in a place where you can see them.

When you hang the brushes, be sure to place the metal part against the hook. You can even arrange your brushes from tallest to shortest or vice versa to ensure your garage looks tidy. We also recommend you store them at a height that you can reach with ease.

Looking for configuration inspiration? Try mounting the Magnet Hook over your Flow Wall counter. That way, you can grab a brush as soon as you're done mixing paint. Keeping all your supplies together makes gathering the tools you need quick and easy.