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How to Organize Garage Shelves

How to Organize Garage Shelves
By Flow Wall
July 23, 2020

Few home projects are more intimidating than organizing the garage. Years of tossing and piling our belongings, forgetting to label boxes, and a lack of proper storage options have contributed to the clutter until there is nothing to be done but simply dive in and clean it up. If you're ready to start making garage organization plans, and learning how to organize garage shelves, use the tips and tricks below to get started.

Garage Organization Tips & Tricks

After getting rid of any items you no longer need, the first step to an organized garage is to create a usable shelving space. Learn more about how to get the most from your shelves with these garage shelving ideas.

Garage Wall Shelving Ideas

When it comes to garage shelves plans, it can be difficult to know exactly where to begin. There are a lot of questions you may need to answer before narrowing down your garage shelves ideas and actually getting them up on the wall.

  • What is the best garage shelving? - Sturdy freestanding shelving units are a popular choice, but they tend to be bulky and hard to move if you change your mind about the design. We suggest using slatwall hanging shelves, which provide more customization options and can be adjusted more easily if needed.
  • What is the best shelving material? - It is important to choose a shelving material that is both durable and strong. We recommend solid high-density pressboard or powder-coated steel.
  • How deep should garage shelves be? - The depth of your shelves may depend on what you plan to store and how much space you have in your garage. Garage shelves typically range from 12 - 24 inches deep.
  • How do I build storage shelves in my garage? - There are several ways to build storage shelves in your garage, including slatwall shelves, shelving units, and even shelves that hang from the ceiling. Follow the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer for the best results.

Genius Garage Storage Ideas

Garage shelving is a crucial part of an organized garage. Complement your custom shelving with more garage organization ideas like the ones below.

What Is the Best Way to Organize a Garage?

There is no one right way to create the perfect space, but there are garage organization tips and tricks that will help you design a garage that is perfect for you.

    • How do I maximize my garage space? - Get the most out of your space by cleaning out everything you don't use. Then sort the remaining items into categories and find the right storage solutions to fit those items.
    • How do you categorize things in your garage? - Choose categories that make sense to you and fit the items you own. Where are you most likely to look for a specific item when you need it? For example, would you look for a soccer ball in a box full of balls (sorted by item type), or do you keep soccer balls in a box with cleats and shin guards (sorted by sport/associated items)?
    • What should not be stored in a garage? - A good rule of thumb is not to store anything in your garage that you couldn't store safely in your car. Your garage is susceptible to very high and very low temperatures. It is also unsafe to store items like propane, oily rags, and other flammable items, as well as anything sentimental or valuable. In case of flood, theft, or other accident, keep photos, books, and valued items inside the house. It is also wise to avoid cardboard boxes that can be damaged by moisture or pests.

What Is the Best Garage Storage System?

There are plenty of helpful components you can incorporate into garage storage systems. In addition to shelving, you can add cabinets, hooks, bins, and other accessories that will protect your personal items and keep them organized. Check out the custom garage storage system solutions from Flow Wall, including garage shelving and cabinets.