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How To Declutter Your Garage Quickly

How To Declutter Your Garage Quickly
By Flow Wall
September 24, 2020

“Yes! The weekend is here and I'm so excited to declutter my garage!” said...pretty much no one. Ever.

If it's time to organize a cluttered garage, you're probably sweating it—no matter how big of a neat freak you might be. Spending hours looking up garage clutter solutions is certainly not your ideal way to pass your precious time off work. But fortunately, we're here to help you buy back your time.

Our garage cleaning hacks will allow you to slash the time spent cleaning out your garage, so you can spend more time hiking, biking, shopping, couch potatoing...whatever it is you'd rather be doing on a carefree weekend. Check out our tips below for how to declutter your garage quickly.

1. Tidy Up

While busting out the sponges and brooms doesn't seem like the best way to start your decluttering process, trust us on this one. You'll save tons of time if you have a fresh, clean spot to move around your stuff while you work. Just spend 10 minutes or so cleaning floors and surfaces, and you'll feel a million times better once you do the deep dive into decluttering.

2. Get That Clutter Out!

Here comes the easy part. The satisfying part. The part where you start tossing every little thing that's cluttering out your garage and let it live on the curb for a while. Yes, you'll come back to it. But for now, just throw everything out there with little rhyme or reason. It's going to go faster this way, and you're going to need that burst of efficiency later on.

3. Reorganize the Garage

Ahhhh. The garage is free from all that junk. Okay—it's not all junk, which is why this process isn't quite over yet. Now it's time to figure out where you're going to put all the stuff back that you actually want to keep. (If you still care about any of it at this point.) Speed up the process by designating areas for out-of-season clothes, camping gear, bikes, etc. If you're repurposing your garage to make room for a gym, workbench, or art studio, consider where you'll be putting it.

4. Put Back Your Stuff

Okay, it's game time. You're putting back all that stuff you want to keep, and you want to really do it right this time. Storing your belongings in a more organized fashion might require some new supplies, like hooks, shelves, or cupboards. So invest in whatever it takes to maintain this new, organized space. Then put everything back and breathe a sigh of relief when you look around and it still feels good to be in this space.

5. Get Rid of Everything Else

You've definitely come up with a few things you want to part with during this decluttering process. So what do you do with it? Sell the belongings that are in good shape (either online or at a garage sale), then toss or donate the rest. And remember what dad told you—don't forget to recycle!

Go Organize Your Garage!

Follow these tips for organizing your garage and you'll be feeling light as a feather. Though garage organization isn't glamorous, you'll be doing a happy dance every time you step back into that space. Plus, our hacks will help you do it in a fraction of the time it might normally take. You're welcome!