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Holiday storage in your garage

By Flow Wall
September 11, 2014

Holiday decorating is great fun. Everyone gathers together to put out the seasonal and holiday ornaments and decorations, sharing old holiday stories and building excitement for the holidays still to come. Unfortunately, taking down the decorations can be one of the most trying and difficult parts of a holiday. Once the excitement has passed, it can feel like a chore to have to stash all the festive decor. However, there is one way to make the process easier and faster while also making preparations for the next holiday simpler. Set up holiday storage in your garage to achieve this goal and make cleaning up after each holiday a breeze.

Holiday-themed storage

Make holiday-themed storage work for you by choosing boxes that are color-coded for each holiday. Flow Wall has Decor Bins in various sizes and colors to suit all your organizational needs. For each holiday that you have decorations, choose one color container. For example, store all of your Easter ornaments in beige Decor Jumbo Bins. This way, when Easter comes around, you won't have to go through all of the bins to remember where the Easter decorations are hidden. These Decor Bins are made of a durable canvas which is not only soft enough to keep delicate Christmas ornaments safe, but strong enough for heavy decorations made of stone or metal too.

To ensure that your delicate decorations or ornaments are protected, organize them with the Flow Wall Decor Wide Bins. These specific bins have a height of only 5 inches, so only one layer of decorations can be stored inside. Layering ornaments can often lead to unwanted damage from awkward packing or pressure on the bottom layer from above. Simply place another Decor Wide Bin on top with more decorations to achieve a utilitarian storage space while also providing protection.

Decorative storage

Your holiday decorations can be easily organized in the Flow Wall Jumbo Cabinet Storage Center. The four large cabinets affixed to this product are ideal for organizing cabinets by season. Set all spring decorations in the first cabinet, summer in the second, fall in the third and winter in the fourth. Rearrange the moveable shelves inside each of these cabinets to fit decorations of all sizes. The cabinets are also mold and mildew resistant, so you won't find any surprising damage to the decorations when you take them out a year later.


Every year, untangling holiday lights can be some of the most trying times. Make sure that this issue never happens again by proactively storing the lights in a way that won't result in any tangling. Some people try to run their lights around tubing to eliminate issues, but storage for these tall tubes can be complicated. Make the process simpler by just winding the lights around a pair of Flow Wall Big Mouth Utility Hooks. Your lights will be easily accessible and stay untangled all year round. This product is built for weight, so feel free to also store any heavy decorations like stone candelabra or wreaths on the hooks as well.