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Garage Remodel Project: 5 Tips for Pulling Off Your Dream Garage

By Flow Wall
May 31, 2018

You have a dream garage in mind and it includes a place for everything. Now that the weather is warm, it's finally time to get started on your garage project. Simply take these five tips to heart and you'll find that you can pull off your dream garage remodel with ease.

Do a Thorough Garage Cleaning

You can't start a garage renovation without first clearing the clutter and cleaning the corners. Throw away trash and broken or rusted tools, donate unused sporting equipment, and sell collectibles that don't hold any sentimental value for your family. Next, you'll want to sweep the walls, wipe the windows and doors, and rinse the floor. Painting the walls and adding sufficient lighting is also a nice touch. With this clean slate, you'll be better able to see your space and imagine how you'd like it to look and function when you're all finished.  

Plan Your Layout

Take an inventory of all the items that will need to be placed back into the garage. You've got holiday decorations, ski and snowboard equipment, lawn and garden tools, and many other items to think about. Make a list so you can be sure you don't forget anything. Designate an area of the garage for each category of items that you make. Take plenty of measurements (at least twice) and draw up a simple diagram or layout. Include the locations of wall studs and power outlets. One of the best garage organization tips is to take into consideration your garage's vertical space...the ceiling and walls.

Shop for Modular Storage Pieces

Now it's time to shop for any storage pieces that are necessary to keep all your stuff off the floor and out of sight. Hanging wall cabinets are the perfect solution for most storage needs. Another great option is an entire garage wall storage system that can be customized in an infinite amount of ways for the custom look you want. This is a great way to organize your garage and leave space for actually parking in it. Once you have the large storage pieces in place, you can start considering smaller storage items. Open wall shelving, closed drawers, both large and small storage bins, and garage wall hooks all have a niche to fill and will keep your stuff organized and right where you need it.

Add a Few Luxuries

Perhaps you've always wanted to take your garage renovation to the next level and now is the perfect time. Here are a few awesome ideas to get you thinking:

  • Install a smart garage door
  • Add insulation or ventilation
  • Upgrade your concrete floor
  • Mount a workbench
  • Get a car lift
  • Designate a corner for a home office or gym
  • Automate your lighting and sound equipment

With just an upgrade or two, your garage will go from great to grand.

Enjoy Your New Garage

Your garage remodel is finished. By utilizing the tips above you've been able to consider new storage options to maximize your space. You'll now love opening the door and seeing a space that is clean, sleek, functional, and perhaps even a bit luxurious. All that's left is enjoying your new garage. Perhaps, you'll never want to leave it.